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Alcohols are often seen in a bad light. However, a handful of people are now recognizing the benefits of boozing in moderation. Red wine, in particular, can work out pretty good for the body in several ways. Here goes down a few health benefits red wine could avail you with.

5. Keep a Check on Cardiovascular Diseases:

Recent studies suggest that people who consume red wine are less feasible to suffering strokes and heart attacks. Also, red wine can help reduce the cholesterol levels for it has a little thing called “resveratrol“, an antioxidant that aids in preventing blood vessel damage and blood clots – the perils of declining age.

4. Encourage Weight Loss:

The red wine, when consumed moderately, can encourage the body to burn up the extra calories for as long as 90 minutes after you finish off your first glass. Regular drinkers seem to have curvy waist line and less body fat. And so, if you’re craving for those curves before your next vacay, it might be the time for you to pop a few corks.


3. Strengthen Bones:

Women who slug down wine seem to have stronger bones – all thanks to the alcohol’s potent for it plays a breakthrough role for the estrogen levels. The estrogen levels, once increased, can actually bring in a downturn to the old bone destruction while the production of new bone matter indigenously holds off. Treat your skeleton with a glass of red wine once in a while and it shall turn up as toast to a happy life.

2) Curbs Cancer:

Several studies suggests that a glass of merlot can curb the risk to stomach cancer or bowel tumors in the later life. Also, the study reveals that two glasses of red wine regularly could hold off the damage done to DNA, which is the key element to kindle the cancer process in the first place. A little drink now and then might be helpful in unraveling a youthful and healthy life.

1. Helps You Lead a Longer and Healthier Life:

Drinking red wine in moderation can perhaps increase your life expectancy by about 17 per cent!

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