5 Reasons to Treat Drinking Water with Activated Charcoal

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Charcoal is a black residue that comes from a burnt piece of plant or a tree. This charcoal, when heated up, gets activated with its’ absorptive powers of toxins, chemicals and heavy metals – and this is the product – that we commonly know as the Activated Charcoal. Since centuries, activated charcoal has been serving its’ best for several purposes. It has, now, also gone viral for the beauty care purposes that it serves. Nevertheless, one of the best thing that activated charcoal does for us is eliminating health problems when used with drinking water. Read more and know 5 reasons to why you must treat drinking water with activated charcoal.

Reason 1: All-natural Water Purifier:

Filter out the contaminants from the tap water by using activated charcoal. It’s considered world’s most effective absorbent of toxins, chemicals, and heavy metals.

Reason 2: Beneficial Minerals comes as an Add-on:

Activated charcoal is not only an effective water purifier, but also, it does add in minerals to the drinking water. These add-on minerals are effective in detoxifying the body, boost up metabolism, ease digestion and constipation problems, and avail you with several other health benefits.

Reason 3: Tastes Great with the Activated Charcoal:

Water, when filtered with the activated charcoal, tastes pure and fresh. It helps eliminate the bad taste or odor caused by contaminated water. It also works well in transforming grubby, chlorine-treated water into a refreshed drinking water.

Reason 4: Eliminate Bloating and Gas:

Activated charcoal helps in getting rid of gastric trouble and bloating in the stomach and intestinal tract. It consists of a million of tiny pores that works like a sponge, soaking in all the gas that’s causing discomfort to the body.

Reason 5: Natural Water Alkalizer:

Illness and alkaline environment does not go together well. The activated charcoal not only does purify the drinking water, but also it does make it alkaline. Our diet today mostly includes high acid food contents. If you introduce activated charcoal treated drinking water to your regimen, it will help out maintaining body’s pH level for healthy human cells.

There are several kinds of activated charcoal. Tablet or stick form are the two popular ones. There are many sources of activated charcoal – coconut shells, bamboo, or various tree branches. PLEASE MAKE SURE the charcoal you buy is not the one that we use for barbeque purposes. It contains many harmful chemicals. You can buy activated charcoal at many local health and food stores. You can also find it online at the amazon store.

Now, when learned with these five reasons to treat your drinking water with the activated charcoal, why not try it out?

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