Five Little Things-To-Do for a Stronger Marriage

stronger marriage

When the dawn breaks in and you squint at the sun rays peeking through your window, the to-do list of the day starts flashing through your mind. As you stretch your body, you think about all the tasks: get the kids ready for school, do laundry, prepare breakfast, turn up to a meeting, call back a friend- and so on. Amidst all the hoo-hahs of daily life, you let the thing of grave importance go out like a light. Yoo-hoo! It is the person lying beside you. No doubt, you think and you care for your love partner, you send each other love notes through out the day, you also drop a line to each other every other hour, and you do plan out occasional surprises and date nights too. Yeah! Okay, you do. But, ever did you pause and connect to your spouse with all your heart? Oops! You didn’t.

The crack of dawn is an ideal hour of time for you to connect with your love partner, and to let them know how much they mean to you. And this is not because it is the first thing that you kick off your day with, it ends up your day with the same; but, it is because your soul and your mind is not yet bogged down with all the other duties and responsibilities. Furthermore, our heart rate and our blood pressure are by and far lowest during the early morning than the rest of the day. “Sadly, nowadays, people are so preoccupied with their duties, presentations, and a haste to move out to the work place that they often do pile out of the bed leaving their spouse unnoticed.”, says relationship experts.

1. Greet ‘Good-Morning’:

stronger marriage

This might sound you simple, however, this small gesture holds all the power to lay an impact over your relationship. Let’s take an example: Before your colleague shuts down his computer and rushes out of the office for the-good-sweet-home, wave a goodbye to your colleagues. Don’t you? And after the drinks and the luncheons with your friends and relatives or a meeting with your child’s teacher, you greet them. Aye! That’s a very common courtesy. And to the person who holds the priority in your life, when left deprived of the same humble treatment- he/she may feel isolated. In the same manner, saying hello is as essential as the goodbye. These humble words shows a mark of respect and acknowledgement that you hold for the other person. And when you don’t give that gesture, it twines into a chain of disappointments, resentments, and heartbreaks. When two little words are big enough to soothe the heart of your loved one, why head out silently with a disregard? Think over and the life will kiss you every morning.

2) Wake Up 10 Minutes Earlier To Actually Sit and Have Coffee:

stronger marriage

If it’s not Saturday morning, do you ever sit together and sip a cup of tea or coffee? There’s a reason so many business deals and friendships are built over coffee—it takes time to consume and gives you the chance to truly communicate. Love experts suggests setting your alarm 10 minutes earlier so you can actually enjoy your brew before heading out for the day. We know, it sounds painful to wake up any earlier than you have to, but this will likely become a ritual that you look forward to. “More than setting the tone of the day, you are setting the tone of your mind,” experts says.

3) Kiss the Morning with a Compliment:

stronger marriage

To balance out every negative point you should pass on at least 5 compliments to your spouse, suggests love experts and coaches. And for this, there could be no better time than the morning; the moment when it is only you, your love partner, and your intimacy within those four walls- no stress, no tensions. What could be better than the beginning of a day with a hug, a kiss, and few words of appreciation?

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4. Let The Disappointments Rain:

stronger marriage

Resolving the conflicts and the tensions before your spouse storm out of the house is as important as getting the issues resolved before you go to bed, researchers say. The morning hours holds all the power to set the vibrations for the rest of your day. And so, this is of great importance that you drain out all your tensions right as you begin your day. Heading out of the home overshadowed with the clouds of hard feelings, resentments, and the heebie-jeebies could further lead to rains of break-up. It is of utmost importance that you unsaturate the things on time, so that your love partner leaves the home with an embrace of a sunshine

5. Melt Your Heart Gazing at Each Others’ Eyes:

stronger marriage

Eye gazing is that one little yet grandiose thing-to-do that sparks up your life with jitters in your soul. Yes! Did you just recall those young days of your love affair? When you two would spend hours gazing at each other, endlessly. Over time, couples fail to keep the sight of one another. However, eye gazing is, indeed, something that you should see to cultivate throughout your relationship and the married life. It is really something that crack up the charm and the magic of love, experts suggests. It might sound you clichéd, but then you just cannot bump head to trying out this magic. You-Just-Cannot. And even if you end up with the hee-haws, it shall be pretty much awesome thing to enter on your day with.

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