Diet Tips For Healthy Karwachauth | Know What to Eat and What Not-to-Eat Before Sunrise and After Moonrise


Karwachauth is a hindu festival where married women observe a fast from dawn to dusk. The tradition is practiced with a belief to adding years to their husband’s life.

Karwa implies pot (a small earthen pot of water) while chauth is a hindi word that means fourth (which is, here, used as a reference to the fact that the festival is celebrated on the fourth day of the dark fortnight).

When we do observe a fast, our body releases heaps of toxins. This may cause our body suffer health issues like acidity, low blood pressure, or nausea etc. The practice gives our body a lethargic pat, leaving it moody and fatigued. To avoid this health issue, it is important to know a healthy diet plan for the same. If you eat healthy pre-sunrise and post-moonrise, it helps you go by your day active and energetic despite long hours of dedication for your beloveds.

Read through the article to know diet tips for healthy karwachauth, so you do not feel fatigued or depleted of energy.


The tradition calls it the ‘sarghi time‘ whereby the karwachauth fast is observed by eating a meal early morning before sunrise.


To avoid acidity and gastric trouble all through your day, it is important for you to note that you do not munch on fatty foods for they are heavy on your stomach and kicks alive a lazy bee within you. Consume a lot of fresh fruits and whole-wheat or multi-grain food preparations. You could have, for instance, 10 soaked raisins, whole-wheat or preferably a multi-grain chapati, banana milkshake with nuts along with fresh fruits like papaya, pomegranate, or apple. Do NOT have paranthas or puris.

Get High on LIQUIDS:

Begin your breakfast or the sarghi by replenishing your body with a glass of plain water or coconut water.

Say NO to Caffeines:

A cup of tea or coffee on an empty stomach will work by increasing the acidity levels. If you cannot avoid them, green tea would rather be a good choice.

The Sweet Quotient:

Skip on sugary food during your pre-sunsrise meal for it will make you feel more hungry during the later part of the day. For a good omen, you can have sweet vermicelli (or meethiseviyan) in a little quantity. You may also munch on figs or dates in the form of sweets.

Have Some Milk and the Milk Items:

Milk and milk items like yogurt and cottage cheese are rich in proteins, and thus, they will help you feel full for longer.

Fruits and Nuts:

Inculcate some dried fruits like almonds, cashews, soaked raisins, pistachios or walnuts to your pre-sunrise meal. Dried fruits are high in essential fats that helps you feel full for longer hours. Also both, fresh fruits and dried fruits, are richest source of fibers that replenish your body with a host of energy and helps you go without water and food throughout the day easily, and not fatigued.



A Plenty of Liquids:

Consuming plain water, coconut water, or fresh juice after you break the fast is a choicest idea.

No Oil, No Spices, No Caffeine:

Due to the lack of food and water throughout the day, the body gets into a highly acidic mode. And so, it is always recommended not to have caffeinated drinks and oily or the spicy foods just after you break your fast.


Inculcate foods to your dinner that are light and easily digestible with high proteins and good quality of carbohydrates. You can have foods like dosa or idli with sambhar, pulao that’s prepared with lots of dry fruits and vegetables. You can also have daal or palakpaneer with multi-grain chapatis.

Also, you can please your sweet tooth with dates, figs, or the dark chocolates.

Tip: A glass of lemonade after dinner will aid digestion.

Happy Healthy Fasting!

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