10 Telltale Signs You’ve Found An Ideal Husband

Ideal Husband

There exists nothing in the world that’s called as *Perfect* or an Ideal Husband. Nevertheless, when one gets caught in the love cuffs, they tend to believe that they have found for themselves ideal spouse who’s *just-the-perfect* and embraces all that’s beautiful, good and true. And then, it’s not even *a chapter of the love story* that culminates; begins a session of *constant naggings and complaints*, *the ifs’ and buts’*, and *moments of regrets*. That’s how our society is now making an awful progression in nurturing love and relationships.

We at Hale and Belle have collated a list of 10 telltale signs to clue in if you’re marrying an ideal husband.

1. Difficulties Doesn’t Bother Him:
A true man is identified by his capability to take decisive actions. He not only speaks beautiful, but is witty and always up to lend a should for you to cry and release all the troubles when the life goes rough.

Ideal Husband
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2. He Can Cook Dinner on His Own:
The mindset of the women today believes to having a partner who looks manly and knows to cook would make an ideal husband. However, the truth be that he doesn’t really need to do something special. If he can slice a mere melon and arrange it nicely on a serving plate, a woman should feel blessed to have a man like him.



3. He Stands by Your Side, Always:
Mistakes and human walks together. We all make errors, and that’s perfectly alright. If your partner stands by your side even if you’ve committed a serious mistake, you’re blessed! Your partner should support you and not blame; not at least in public.

4. He Pays Heed to Detail:
This should not adumbrate that your spouse needs to know every bit of your life detail or remember the dress that you were in on the day you met first. Indeed he knows how much sugar you take in your coffee, what’s your favourite song, your likes and your dislikes. He knows it all!

5. He is Not Just Smart and Intelligent, But Wise:
When you’ve a learned person around who can explain quantum physics, it could be quiet helpful. But, if that *learned* person is not wise enough to find a way out of life’s ordinary problems, if he cannot sort out your difficult situation or advice you good things when you get into a fight with your mother – what’s the point in having that *intelligence*?

6. He Can Cheer You Up, Anytime:
You’re lucky if you’ve a partner who can get you back in the groove when you’re blue. He knows the art to cheer you up with great jokes, support you, and do all the other good things that will make you feel good.

Ideal Husband
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7. He knows the Art to Compromise and Negotiate:
A man who’s abled in speaking a common language with the police officers, plumbers, and depressed or crying women without threat and bribery is indeed an ideal man. He can also handle your toxic neighbour living next door to you.

8. Your Problems are His Problems:
Usually men do not focus at more than one task at a time. However, an ideal man won’t keep your problems at the back burner. You are his priority, and so are your problems.

Ideal Husband
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9. Your Opinion Matters Him A Lot:
The marriage is not about living together under a roof – the partners need to set a bonding where they are friends and advisers to each other. But that doesn’t mean for a man to be under his wife’s thumb. Developing a mutual understanding and learning how to make decisions together is an important element of a happy marriage.

10. He Offers to Help with the Household Chores:
If your spouse is appreciative and respectful to the efforts you put in, he will understand that the chores drain you tired and so he is always up to lend a helping hand. Moreover, doing the chores together is a great way to finish off the work quickly and save on a quality time to spend together and nurture the love.

Ideal Husband
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Apparently, the idea of the perfect relationship vary from person to person. And every one has their own idea about the attributes that would make a man an ideal husband for her. Nevertheless, finding *that one man* who puts you above anything else, and whom you can put first is the key to a happy and content marriage.

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