Auguste Skin

Bengaluru Gets Pampered: Auguste Skin Opens India’s First Exclusive Facial Studio

Bengaluru, Karnataka – Skincare brand Auguste Skin has launched a one-of-a-kind luxury facial studio in Bengaluru, offering a unique experience focused solely on facial treatments [1]. The studio boasts a variety of specialized therapies, including the MineralElixir Renewal, FloraDNA Blossom, and NutriMoore Glow LED Renewal. Stepping into the Auguste Skin studio is akin to entering…

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NykaaWaliShaadi Takes India by Storm: A Beauty Bonanza for Brides

Nykaa’s “Nykaa Wali Shaadi”: A Match Made in Marketing Heaven A Nationwide Sensation Nykaa, the go-to platform for beauty aficionados, recently launched its latest bridal campaign, “NykaaWaliShaadi,” which has quickly garnered over 3.6 million views, securing a place in the top ten trending videos on YouTube India. This digital phenomenon has achieved a staggering reach…

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