#Numerology101: What His Birth Number Says About Him

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Did you know the birth number speaks a lot about your special someone’s personality? Believe it or not, but numerology is a mystical divine theory and a powerful tool. And the best part about numerology is that you don’t need to be an ardent mathematician to learn the concept, just the basics would suffice. Before we proceed, let’s learn how to calculate his birth number.

Note: Before you begin your calculation, keep these pointers in mind.

Let’s say, for instance, he’s born on 7th of March 1988, year isn’t the focus here but the birth date – and this would count your birth number as 7.

But what if his number is a two-digit, for instance, 17th March? In this case, you need to add his birth date to derive the final number. It should look like 1+7 = 8. Here, his birth number is 8.

But wait! Ladies, bear in mind that numerology has a limit of 9 numbers. And because 9 is the highest, you must keep on adding the numbers until you derive to a single digit. So if it’s the 29th of March, you must add 2+9 = 11. Add the resultant number (11) again and you will derive on 1+1=2. Here, 2 is his actual birth number and not 11. Got it? Alright! Let’s proceed.

The Number One:

Birth number

If your guy is born either of these four dates – 1, 10, 19, or 28, his birth number is 1! Your man happens to be a perfectionist. His loyalty is devoted to the two things in life – you and his career. When you’re around him, he would go out of his way and leave no stone unturned to make you feel comfortable and happy. You can be sure about opening up your emotions free for he is going to be honest with you on anything and everything. He’s a man who would not want to waste his time on playing mind games, and that’s probably because either investing his valuable time on his career is his priority than those mind games, or he’s impatient enough for the same. If he’s by your side, you should know it’s for a fact how important you are to him.

The Number Two:

Birth Number

If 2, 11, 20 or 29 are the dates your man is born in, his birth number is 2! The first impression of your man may seem like he is tough on the outside. But once you get involved with him, he’s like an open book. He is a travel enthusiast who loves going on mini adventures. He usually has a large friend circle. Independence and his personal space are two things he deeply values. He will always keep up to his promises in the most mature manner he can.

The Number Three:

Birth Number

If your guy is born on the dates of 3, 12, 21 or 30, his birth number is 3! And let’s be honest, your guy is a ball of all the positive energies. He is fun to hang around with and making out with this number 3 guy is always great. He’s a good listener and offers an advice you can count on. Fond of hugs, he’s keen on PDA. When it comes to commitment in relationships, he doesn’t tends to be quick on the draw. However, once he commits, he is yours forever! He will not only provide for you, but make all efforts to keep you happy and smiling all day long.

The Number Four:

Birth Number

If your guy is born on the dates of 4, 13, 22 or 31, his birth number is 4! At first, he may seem all quiet and reserved, and it probably could take a while before he opens up. He’s vigilant lover who would give his heart not just to any lady. Also, his friends means a world to him. He’s a sensible human who would never make rash decisions. He will provide best solutions to any problem. When you’re stressed or anxious, get yourself around him – he will calm you down! He probably may not be a man of many words for he believes in making up a more through actions.

The Number Five:

Birth Number

If your man is born on either of the three dates – 5, 14 or 23 his birth number is 5! Men with the number 5 are likely to have it all together. By nature, they’re witty and charismatic. They’re blessed with an ability to think forward. And their minds – they always keep on brewing with some or the other fresh and innovative ideas. If you’re in a relationship with this guy, you’ll gather the idea that he will keep you on your feet, take you on an adventure, and make you relish the time of your life. He’s really fun to be with and wherever he goes, and whoever he meets, he tends to leave his sparkle behind. If he’s yours, you’re really lucky!

The Number Six:

Birth Number

If your man is born on any of the following dates – 6, 15 or 24, his birth number is 6! Did you notice his fairly large instagram following? That’s because he’s a popular lad. He’s handsome and has an audacious fashion sense. He charms his way all through the challenging situations leaving you jaw-dropped, wondering how does he do it?! The pretty face and the nectarous words takes him places. Status and power means a lot to him. Strong and independent women sweeps him off his feet. And when the two of them hold hands together, they make a hit and looks like the ultimate power couple.

The Number Seven:

Birth Number

If your guy is born on the dates of 7, 16 or 25, his birth number is 7! If you’re dating him, you would understand that no matter how ugly the fight is, you’re with a man who has a knack to keep his cool. Though he is not a ‘confrontation’ believer, but is a problem fixer. When not occupied with work, he prefer spending his time reading, relaxing, bonding with nature, or watching his favorite television shows. On many occasions, you would find him keeping himself away from the limelight. He may not even be keen on PDA and showing his love for you on social media, but deep down your heart, you know he’s just a call away – and that’s what’s really important.

The Number Eight:

Birth Number

If your guy is born on the dates of 8, 17 or 26, his birth number is 8! Believe us, no one would want to mess with a clan of these men because they’re innately gifted and knowledgeable. Begin a debate with them, and it will end up in flames. He’s not high-tempered, but if provoked, he won’t bow out and he’ll hit you hard with a piece of his brain. He usually has a small social circle with just a handful of friends he’s loyal to. He does not prefer showing up emotions, however, like all good things in life take time to happen – so does his love for his lady!

The Number Nine:

Birth Number

If your guy is born on the dates of 9, 18 or 27, his birth number is 9! The men joining the number 9 clans are the reticent and aloof individuals than the rest. Living life on their own terms and prefer being the boss of themselves – that’s how their life rolls. If you’re dating someone from this number family, you know you’re called for double the efforts and affection. He’s a bit conservative and protective guy who want his lady to himself most of the times. He needs to get assured that you’re the only one for him. Honesty and humor are his turn ons’. Don’t break his heart for he’s a gem of a person.

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