7 Reasons to Why You Don’t Own Toned Thighs Despite all the Workouts

Toned Thighs

You’ve done squats, you’ve also done countless leg extensions. You’ve left no stone unturned for those dynamite toned thighs. But no matter how hard you try, and how much you sweat, it is near to impossible to firm up those flabby thighs. Reason? Unfortunately, it could be in your genetics. Research shows that it is in the genetic system that few of us are just born with more fat cells and lesser muscle cells. But even if the case is so, you should not shut your eyes to those sexy thighs that you’ve had always dreamt for. Stay clear of these 7 blunders, and it shall help you sculpt those drop-dead curves.

1. You’re Being Irrational:

A couple of workouts cannot do wonders. They just cannot! It is unrealistic and irrational to expect resized thighs and all the muscles in your legs with a 2 weeks workout in the gym. “If you devotedly strength-train your lower body at least thrice a week, it is only then that you can expect to see all the changes – fat cells wreckage and muscle gain, and that in about 4 to 6 weeks”, says gym trainers.

2. You Ain’t on a Thigh-Friendly Diet:

If you really want to shed those extra fat cells off your body, diet and nutrition is the real thing that you ought to attack first. Make place for proteins, fruits, vegetables, and good fats in your platter. And if anything other than these manages to make way to your platter – don’t eat. Protein is vital in building up muscles. Also, it boosts your metabolism that in turn helps you shed off those extra fat cells faster.

3. Your Cardio’s Are Not Sufficient Enough:

If despite all the efforts and strength-training the lower part of your body thrice a week you are not able to see any visible definition – you ought to add some cardio. Try out ‘Spinning’ or ‘Studio-Cycling’ – an excellent workout that burns an approximate of 420 to 780 calories per hour while it strengthens your heart and tones your legs. ‘Stair Climbing’ is yet another alternative cardio exercise you could try. When you walk up any slope or incline – it puts up to 25 per cent more of your muscle fibers to work than strolling the flats.

4. You’re Missing On The Clockwork Lunges:

The clockwork lunges are the simplest workout that needs no equipment and helps you tone your legs, thighs, and buttocks. Also, it is an amazing workout to help you get rid of those awful cellulite. As women age down, they oust their muscles. With the age, the muscle layer tend to get thinner, weaker, and less firm. Resultantly, your thighs pucker up and the overlying fat layer wrinkles and crinkle, giving up on its stable base.

5. You’re Giving Cold-Shoulder to The Rest of Your Leg-Muscles:

Many of us – especially the cyclists, walkers, and runner – have already got well-developed quadriceps muscles. However, to get those slim and sculpted legs pf your dreams, you should not forget your inner thighs and hamstring muscles. And the idea is not just about the beauty and the aesthetics: if you fail to exercise every muscle equally, you will end up tightening your hip flexors and perhaps to the risk of knee injuries. For your inner-thighs, do ballet inspired moves.

6. You’re not Challenging Your Muscles with Enough of Weight:

If you really are wanting change your muscles, you should challenge them. And if you are a novice to strength-training, starting off with your own body weight is okay. If after 12 repeats, your body fails to recognize the workout ‘challenging’, increase your resistance. For Lunges and Squats, begin with 16 pounds (two dumbbells, 8-pound each). Increase resistance with two pounds every week or when your body finds it easy to begin.

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7. The Exercise isn’t Complying to Your Body Structure:

It is not possible to alter the basic body structure. However, there is enough of room for you to make improvements. If you are one with skinny legs, long-distance running is not suggestible to you because the workout will rather break down your muscles and indeed make your legs look more birdlike. Step-ups and Spinning is a recommended workout for the skinny people. On the contrary, people with short legs are suggested not to do step-ups or any other heavy weight training because this can end them up with a stockier look. Squats and Short Lunges with one’s own body weight is the recommendable workout for people with short legs. The exercise should aim for 12 to 18 repeats. “Regardless of what the body weight is, one ought to do strength training to stay fit and healthy”, says professional trainers.

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