5 Exercises to Gain Healthy Weight

There are many individuals who struggle to gain healthy weight despite a fit body and balanced diet. Nonetheless, it is a combination of several food and a few exercises that could be good for what ails you. The best factor that adds up to these exercises is that it transforms the physique of both men and women into a well-proportioned one.

1) Squats:

Gain healthy weight

Squats are one among the many simplest yet greatly salubrious exercises that often shows up in the list of best calisthenics workout regime for toughening up and toning the caudal end of the body. Both men and women can practice squats to tone their thighs, calves, hips, and glutes. If you are a beginner, jump-off the exercise in its simplest form which, then, gradually should be taken to harder versions in order to get better results. It is the most functional exercise that aids women in getting a shapely and curvy back while it helps men in developing power-packed and athletic leg muscles.

  1. Stand straight
  2. Spread your feet apart equivalent to your shoulder-width
  3. Either raise your arms in front or keep them behind your head
  4. Now, by pushing your butts back and bending your knees down, lower down your body.
  5. Look in front; keep your back straight and, chest up.
  6. Squat down as lower as you can
  7. Break through the starting position by pushing through the heels.
  8. Repeat.

2) Push-Ups:

Gain healthy weight

Push-ups are an excellent exercise to tone your arms, develop stronger muscles and, get rid of flabby arms. Also, it aids in building up shoulders, triceps, chest, and the core muscles. Suitable for both men and women, push-ups are considered an imperforate exercise for complete muscle-building. To women, push-ups help in toning the arms without promoting the biceps and the triceps. To men, it helps in developing the skinny arms into stronger and fleshier in an effective manner.

  1. Lie down in a prone position with your hands placed apart on the ground, marginally wider than your shoulder-width.
  2. Lower down your chest till it grazes the floor, restrain and squeeze your glutes muscle.
  3. As you lower your body down, keep your abs constricted and then, lift it with your arm support.

Note: While lifting your body with the support of arms, make sure you keep your elbows in the spitting distance with the body.

3) Walking Lunges:

Gain healthy weight

If you want to enhance your muscle mass at the posterior part of your body, walking lunges is the best workout. You can exercise choice over the standing lunges and the walking lunges, where, the latter is a more typical and advanced version than the former. The difficulty level of this leg workout can be increased in a gradual course by including weights like the dumbbells.

  1. Stand straight with your feet apart in the width of your buttocks.
  2. Take a step forward and bend your knee at right angles and get down to a position where your limbs would lurch.
  3. Rise up. Bend your other knee at the right angle by taking another step forward.
  4. Repeat till you get fatigued and exhausted.

4) Triceps’ Dips:

Gain healthy weight

Carried out by using one’s own body weight, Triceps’ dips aids in toning the back muscles. It is an easiest workout that helps women to put on a healthy weight and get an attractive and curvaceous figure. To men, triceps’ dips helps in toning and strengthening the muscles at the back, buttocks, glutes, calves, and triceps.

  1. Grab a chair at its edge. Clasp the edge with your hands.
  2. Come forward and leave your seat. Lower your buttocks towards the floor. Leaving all the pressure over the heels of your hands, hold on at the posture for a little while.
  3. Return to the initial sitting position and repeat at least two to three sets of the workout for best results.

5) Crunches:

Gain healthy weight

Crunches are the experts recommended moves that works deep into the core for the abdominal section of the body. If the lazy winter has frozen your abs to the hideous muffin tops, you can melt them with the crunches for an appalling waistline, flat belly and, pulled-in abs. Also, crunches aids in toughening up the lean muscle mass and increasing the core strength of the body. This workout moves can be practiced by both, men and women. To men, it gives an amazing six-pack abs whereas to women, it gives an attractive waistline without promoting the six-packs.

  1. Lie down on the carpet in a supine position.
  2. Placing the feet flat on the floor at the hip-width apart, bend your knees.
  3. Cross your arms in the front of your chest.
  4. Slightly lift your torso up by engaging the abdominal muscles (keeping them contracted). Make sure that your back remains on the floor while you lift your torso up at about 4 inches from the floor.
  5. When you reach the peek position of the move, stop for a while.
  6. Slowly move back down as you inhale with a self-restrained movement.
  7. Repeat.

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