15 *Chaar Log Kya Kahenge* Comments EVERY Indian Girl Gets to Hear and Is Sick of Them!

chaar log kya kahenge

“Chaar log kya kahenge” is an Indian anomaly that has succumbed more than a million dreams. If you’re an Indian girl, you probably may have got our point by now, for we’re the everyday victim to hear those ‘aunties‘ shallow opnions.

By the way, who are these shallow people and where do they live? As troublesome as it gets, we still get to hear those subtle comments and judgement tagged with a phrase ‘chaar log kya kahenge‘. Here’s the compilation of such 15 statements to which your ears, we bet, might no more be virgin!

1. ‘Itne saare ladke aur ek hi ladki?’

If you’re a part of a circle that has more lads than the ladies, God forbid, your future is going to be a catastrophe! Nevertheless, may the minds of such ‘aunties‘ rest in peace.

2. ‘Ye dress thodi choti nahi hai?’

Chaar log kya kahenge

The more lengthy dress you get in, the high are your moral values. Bless your heart, aunties!

3. ‘Raat 9 baje kay baad ghar ke bahar? Vo bhi doston k sath!’

Chaar log kya kahenge

Also, the morals and the shishtachaar’s go for a walk post 9 pm. Jog on, girls!

4. ‘Dinbhar phone pe lagi rehti ho, ladka kaun hai?’

Chaar log kya kahenge

Yeah! Of course it’s ONLY guys to which our lives rotate around. It can’t be friends, it can’t be another girl, and it definitely can’t be work. It just can’t be, aunty ji!

5. ‘Tumhe khana banana nahi aata!’

Chaar log kya kahenge

And this, definitely not to our surprise – but, women were born to be in the kitchen. Didn’t you know that? Gak!

6. ‘Humare time pe toh yeh sab nahi hota tha. Maa-baap rishta dhundte the. Ladka ladki ko pasand karta tha, par aajkal pata nahi kya kya hone laga hai. Ladkiyo ko toh ab koi lihaj-adab raha hi nahi!’

Chaar log kya kahenge

Mind you, girls! Dare you love someone until it’s time to get into a nuptial ceremomy, and that, with some guy whom your parents like. Jog on with your choice, your emotions, and your human rights!


7. ‘Ladki ho, time se shadi kar lo!’

Chaar log kya kahenge

Yes! Because a girl has no career goals or ambitions in life than marrying and reproducing!

8. ‘Ye kya tattoo-vattoo karaya hai?’

Chaar log kya kahenge

And that’s simply because achhe ghar ki ladkiya ye sab tattoo-vattoo nahi karati!

9. ‘Tumhari bra ka strap dikh raha hai!’

Chaar log kya kahenge

For people don’t know you wear a garment. And for, they shouldn’t know!

10. ‘Aajkal ki ladkiyan! Itna khul kay sex ki baatein karti hain!’

Because ‘aunties kay zamaane mei’ it was really the storks to drop their kids on their gate.

11. ‘Arts loge? Science nahi!’

For Gupta ji’s beti has secured first place and opted for the science stream!

12. ‘Sirf 75%?’

Because life skills are all trash, and anyone who scores less than 90% is dumb. Pshaw! Get a life, aunties!

13. ‘Ladko se thoda door raha karo!’

Chaar log kya kahenge

Because you’re a dimwit, poor GIRL who is impotent of making her own decisions. And what? The guys are smart enough to influence girls and befool them – so, you better stay away from them. Pff! This is how one woman thinks about yet another woman and then, they look for equality.

14. ‘Beta ab umar ho gayi hai tumhari, ladko se kuch baat kiya karo warna late ho jayega!’

Ugh! Decide, woman. Decide!

15. ‘Kya aap bhi saas-bahu wale serials kay actors ki tarah ghar pe itna makeup lagate ho?’

Duh! Your life isn’t yours, and so is your face. Let those aunties decide how it should look, all right?

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