10 Moments of Life when Every Girl Wants Her Bestie Around and No One Else

At one or the other point in time, we find ourselves been stuck in the muck. And that’s the moment when we fish for our bestie to snug as bug in a rug; share all the embarrassments, our joy, and our disappointments. After all, who in the World can get us the way like our besties do! Let’s read down and rejoice; those 10 moments of life when you beat the bushes just to be with them and no one else!

1. The Splitsville Time:

“Is love always supposed to be hard? Why do movies trick us into having faith, daydream about those fairytale life, hang in the balcony and look for the *prince charming*, when there’s actually not even a single decent person in sight. Why does this always happen to me?” No matter how empirical the situation be, you’ll always see your best friend around keeping you from the depression and self-pity. She will remind you over and over again that it wasn’t really to worthy to keep on, or it wasn’t your fault actually.


2. When it’s *That* Time of the Month:

Talk about the cramps with your spouse or boyfriend – try explaining how rude the cramps actually are, they feel like someone punching or kicking hard in your ovaries; and your partner would be untouched by the situation you’re going through. Those mood swings, hunger pangs, food cravings, and the lack of enthusiasm for about anything; *high-fives* to the best friend because they go through the same, because they understand the same, and because sometimes you guys synchronize up too!

every girl wants her bestie

3. Fashion and Styling Advice:

Because you believe and you count on your best friend to never bum steer you. Be it a work interview or your first date – you trust your bestie blind for the inputs on dressing appropriate.

4. Yoga or Gym Class:

If you’re one amongst those who cannot workout for a healthy living without company, turn around and your best friend is by your side supporting you for all the positive changes in life. She’s the one who won’t take a dig at your poor upper body strength, or your incorrect postures; she would rather encourage you to keep working towards the healthy living.

5. The Proofreader:

Your bestie is also your mentor, and your guiding light to whom you’re always look up for when the hour of need arise. Be it an academic essay, an important email, an article, or even a resignation letter – you’ll get her go through all of it, just as in case there’s a typo that you might have missed out on or you’re coming across a bit too strong.

6. Shopping Jamboree:

Yes! A big *shoutout* to the bestie. It’s neither you who need an excuse to shop nor does your best friend. Plus, you do want her there objectively to put on comments, to tell if that yellow color is going well on you and if you really should go for yet another black short dress.

7. Pamper Yourself:

Your monthly trip to the makeup studio – yes, you would want your best friend to come along so that you two can relax and bond while you get yourself pampered with those manicure-pedicure sessions.

8. On Your *Big Day*:

Just another nervous wreck, your dress is two-times to your body weight, your makeup is on the nose, and you’re overwhelmed by the *big change* that’s about to happen to your life, forever. Period. All that you need at the moment is a tight hug from your sweetheart, convincing you everything is going to be good. And then in a wink, it actually is.


9. The Awful Days:

When your self-esteem crumples to an all time low, and your soul is burdened beneath the agonizing worry that’s constantly pondering your mind – that may be, just may be, you’re worthless, you’re good for nothing. Count on your best friend. She’s going to pick you up, hug you, and negate all your frivolous worries. She’ll sway you towards the belief that you’re not just good enough, you’re indeed effin’ awesome! *Kisses*.


10. When You Need to do the *Real Talk*:

There’s no one on the Earth who’s going to poke a hole in the bullshit and tell you that you’ve really messed all the things up. If you’ve done anything wrong or treated someone not right; your bestie is effin’ going to care about your temperament. She’ll point out your misconduct, even if nobody else does.

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