New Additions : Wild Crafted Natural Beauty Products by Vanaha

New Additions to My Beauty Regimen are the blissful, wild crafted natural beauty products by Vanaha :

1. Vanaha Lip Balm in Spearmint and,

2. Vanaha Face Mask in French Pink Clay Rose.

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From a beauty blogger’s diary:

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VANAHA LIP BALM​: The balm nourishes, and also helps in discoloration of lips. This wildcrafted product with natural fragrance of Spearmint smells oo-so-divine! One can wear this lip balm in summers as well.

FRENCH PINK CLAY ROSE FACE MASK​ : the product is formulated with french pink clay, rose, neem, and moringa – the product helps cleanse the skin and slough off the dead skin cells for an overall refreshed appearance. For people who have oily skin, got to mix this product with rose water or diluted apple cider vinegar while the dry skin types are suggested to mix this powdered mask with milk. This amazing french pink clay mask can be used on oily or acne-prone skin too.

What is Vanaha? 

Handcrafted Vanaha products stem from the love of nature and working with nature.

The blissful products by Vanaha are pure, natural, wild crafted and of organic lineage. “We, at Vanaha work with natural colors, fragrances, extracts, infused oils, natural butters, natural waxes, essential oils together with the enrichment of nutrients and antioxidants to nourish and pamper the skin. We take customised orders according to skin type and fragrance preferences.”, said Chandana Arora from Vanaha.

To know more about their products, watch video here.

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