Feature Story: The Personality Development / Grooming and Makeup Seminar by Ritika Sial and Gomit Chopra

ritika sial

“She wears makeup, they moan and groan about. She is an unnatural, the fake hellcat – they kick up the fuss.”

Neisha Arora

Makeup have had always been considered a taboo – a bizarre often held upon by the lads and the ladies to conceal their flaws. But no! Things aren’t always actually the way we ASSUME them to be. I’ve had always opposed this myth – I’ve argued, I got into debates about the role of makeup. For I believed, makeup is always a way girls use to ENHANCE and ACCENTUATE the beauty and the features they’re already blessed with. Had makeup really been A WEAPON to MODIFY the face into what that actually does not exists – all girls should have looked almost same with makeup. Isn’t it? Why would one girl look absolutely stunning with the smokey eyes, while the other horrible? That’s because makeup doesn’t actually MODIFIES your face, but ENHANCES the existing beauty. It’s that simple. The only ground a girl is required to be reckoned of is to know about their features, their eye shapes, their shape of face so they can further accentuate it rightly with the makeup.

And this, was fabulously edified by one of the esteemed MUA Ritika Sial during the Personality Development / Grooming and Makeup Seminar.

The seminar was very well organized by Nazia Manzer from the Artistry Workshops at the Hotel Vijay Intercontinental on 10th of April, 2018.

Together with Ritika Sial, there were three more icons associated to the event – Gomit Chopra (a Delhi based Fashion Influencer and Makeup Artist), Ronita Modi (Life Coach), and Dr. Mamta Bhura (one of the renowned Dermatologists’).

The seminar inaugurated with a speech from Geeta Kapoor, who was the guest of honor. MUA Ritika Sial, then, took over the beginning to drill the art of makeup, rightly and elegantly. She carried out a live makeup session on a beautiful model – Aashira, where she kept on explaining every in-depth way to do the makeup right as per the face shape and the features together with the delivery of education about the product she used and also what product ingredients one should check for as per their different skin types.

The look that she finally presented was totally elegant – beauty accentuated GRACEFULLY in a much natural looking finish. People generally go over board with the products when doing day makeup. The day makeup has always to be minimal. Minimal, however, doesn’t mean to limit to a few products only with contouring or other thing been ignored. No! Absolutely not. She applied almost every product that one would go with during the night parties – also she didn’t miss on contouring or highlighting or any thing else. The look has yet to be subtle and soft, and so it was.

Post this day look done by MUA Ritika Sial, we had Ronita Modi on board to share us amazing success stories which were motivating and inspiring enough to do the things in life in an alignment – to discover yourself, know what you are and where you stand, and to get your ambitions clarified and made parallel for an unbridled success and limitless potential. It was a real brilliant session for one aspiring talent / an individual, who’s a way out of track – A NOMAD.

And then, when the personality was done with ways to polish and groom it right together with goals in life aligned – Dr. Mamta Bhura had to come on line.

She presented us a round of knowledgeable skin talk which answered several trending skin care related queries like-

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  • What product ingredients one should see for as per their skin types?
  • What is Hyaluronic acid and why is it great for dry skin?
  • How Glycolic acid works as a ‘miracle’ ingredients in the products?
  • What ingredient works for day and what does for night?
  • The right way to pamper your skin with the peptides and stem cell products?

And much more…

Post these amazing rounds of grooming, personality development and skin care; Gomit Chopra – a Delhi based fashion influencer and a renowned makeup artist HAD TO make an appearance – to help you rock your parties with the Night Diva Look. And so, HE DID! With a skill he’s blessed with – he demonstrated a live makeup session on a gorgeous model ‘Insha Khan‘ who’s currently preparing for the Miss India Beauty Pageant. He shared us all his amazing makeup tricks and techniques, fashion tips and the trends. Even a bit of like the correct way to use an easy BEAUTY BLENDER was explained so nice by him. He also shared us his secret techniques, and the different brushes that he used for different purposes and all the products used during the session were unveiled. Here is a list of few of his FAVORITE products that you WOULD WANT TO and LOVE TO TRY:

And, the BEWITCHING LOOK he came out with on his model was LIT. Totally!

Gomit Chopra

In the second round of seminar, which was for Men; Gomit Chopra rendered several amazing grooming tips to guys as in how to color coordinate an outfit, creams and several other products to take care of their assets – the beard; how often should they go for a shave, importance and impact of carrying a right body posture and how to do it right – and much much more fundamentals to personality development, all of which cannot be compiled in one story.

Personality development and grooming is important for MEN too. They too deserve a right to look perfect; and is a really crucial factor to success that they shouldn’t look over. I strongly recommend Kanpurites to get their grooming done with the VHair Craft.“, says Gomit Chopra.

With this, the seminar did end successfully. The seminar, very nicely organized and coordinated, was done to success by the ‘Artistry Workshops’. The Artistry Workshops by Nazia Manzer works in bringing to the Kanpurites the high class events – makeup, culinary, and other educational workshops’.

The seminar throughout was covered by a vivacious fashion photographer – Sanskriti Shukla.

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