Zaara Chougle from Makeup Artistry – Makeup Workshop

Zaara Chougle

Zaara Chougle from Zaara C. Makeup Artistry recently conducted a makeup workshop with high tea at Urban Crave, Kanpur.

Zaara Chougle

Who is Zaara Chougle?

Zaara is a talented makeup artist based at the Kanpur city. She is one fine artist to get her skill polished from London Makeup School of Dubai. “I started doing makeup professionally in the year 2016 as I moved back to Kanpur from dubai. Since then there’s no turning back. I have received 100 positive feedback from my clients. I have been covered by many bloggers.“, revealed Zaara Chougle.

Zaara Chougle
Picture Credits: Sanskriti Bhardwaj

The four hour long session with the lady could clearly demonstrate us the pool of knowledge she has in the area. Sharp and patient enough to answer all the queries, she demonstrated two glam looks for the day and the night wear. Commendable was the art!

Zaara began the session with the importance of skin care and the essential tips to help keep the skin glow youthful. She then moved ahead to makeup basics and the two glamorous look while she kept on sharing all her knowledge and the pro tips in between.

It is really essential to properly cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin before applying the makeup. It is after this TLC that one must apply a good primer and begin with the makeup.”, says Zaara Chougle.

She recommended to use Prep and Prime by Mac. The product costs around 2,600 INR and can be used as both the primer and the setting spray. However, for ladies who wants to go on an easy pocket, Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect Primer plus NYX Professional Makeup Setting Spray are their way to go.


Zaara Chougle
Picture Credits: Sanskriti Bhardwaj

When Zaara began the first look, i.e. the elegant day look, she started off by concealing the blemishes and the dark circles using a red lipstick. “Red or the matte orange are two lipstick shades which one can use as a color corrector“, she suggested. Thereafter, blending the lipstick all rightly, she moved on to concealer which was one shade lighter than the skin of the model and then came the foundation, just as same as the skin tone. Aye! Grace the complexion you’re in with all the love. Don’t go for a shade lighter than your skin tone.

She blended the foundation nicely using a makeup blending sponge. “You can alternatively use a strippling brush to apply foundation“, said Zaara. And if you’re using a powder based foundation, Kabuki brush has to be your magic wand. Don’t rub out the sponge on your face for it will wipe out the product. Instead just DAB the makeup blending sponge that’s damp, and not wet.

Primer ought to be used seeing to the skin type. If the skin is oily, you really don’t need to prime your skin. And in case, you’ve a dry or combination skin or if you’re really obsessed about using the primer, use it 5 minutes post cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. It is after the primer gets absorbed that you must begin with corrector, concealer, and foundation“, said Zaara.

Recommended Products:

She further added, “for the Beautiful’s with the dry skin types or the combination skin, liquid foundations works good. Cream based or the air based foundations are the products designed for the oily skin types. If you’ve a dry skin, stay away from Mousse foundations.

Moving on to the eye makeups’ first step, she suggested not to take up the color all at once for it can look patchy. Instead go slow, one by one, and keep building up the shade. Second step of the eye makeup involved a little darker shade than the one used in first step. This darker shade was applied at the crease area using a flat brush. Here, one can also use the round brush to do the same. “Don’t go above the crease area“, she said.

She, then, switched to the the lightest shade used in first step to build the base, again. She kept on blending the two colors till any sharp line could disappear. A glittery shade complimenting to the outfit of the model was the fourth step she took at the middle of her eyes, using gentle finger tips. And then, came again the blending – blending of the edges using a fluffy brush. Blending is the key to the art of perfect makeup. Remember, girls!

For it was the day makeup, Zaara suggested to stay on a softer side and rather go for a nude kohl than the black. “Nude kohl is in trend these days. Because it is the day time makeup, to remain on softer side and to avoid getting all the focus on the eyes I prefer using a nude kohl under waterline. Here I’m using Maybelline New York Lasting Drama Gel Liner, Soft Nude.“, says Zaara.

Zaara Chougle
Picture Credits: Sanskriti Bhardwaj

She then went ahead to creating a wing using an angled brush near to the point where eyebrow is ending. And then, a shade was applied to the lower lash line using a flat brush. It was the same shade that was used in the crease area. The elegant day look finished off like a sizzling spark with the highlighter at the brow bone and the inner corner of the eyes. Ooh-lala!

Do try out the look in your next day time party and don’t forget to write down to us. But wait! We’ve more to reveal. Read down below.

The workshop, here, took a break with the high tea sponsored by Archita Saxena from Cherie – Sweet Somethings. The refreshment included Urbancrave’s Garlic Bread with Cheese, Coleslaw Sandwiches, Veggie Fingers and Tea – of which the garlic bread and the sandwiches were totally scrumptious. The desserts by Cherie tasted D-I-V-I-N-E.

Zaara Chougle
Picture Credits: Sanskriti Bhardwaj

Take a look at Cherie Sweet Something’s Menu-

• 11 Layered Dark Chocolate ~ Sea Salt Caramel Cake
• Giant Chocolate Chunk Cookies
• Ginger Snap Cookies
• Red Velvet Cupcakes
• Mini Strawberry Cheesecakes
• Nutella Squares

Zaara Chougle
Picture Credits: Sanskriti Bhardwaj

If you’re from the Kanpur city and haven’t yet tried Archita’s bakery, you’re really missing on heaven. Go, check out the sweet somethings now!


Zaara Chougle
Picture Credits: Sanskriti Bhardwaj

The base of the makeup began with an application of the liquid foundation product. The under eye areas been moisturized by a hydrating eye cream, the makeup moved on to the application of concealer. After blending this first coat of concealer in the under eye area, another coat of concealer was dabbed using a blending sponge. After this, the concealer has to be applied on the ‘highlight areas‘ i.e. the chin, the center of the forehead, underneath the hollows of cheeks, and the nose bridge.

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And then, came the translucent powder into the role. Here, Zaara applied Translucent Fixing Powder by Kryolon Dermacolor on all the highlight areas. ‘Bake the makeup’ is a technique where a translucent powder is dusted on all the highlight areas post the foundation and concealer application and is allowed to set for five to ten minutes. This technique allows your face heat to set your foundation and concealer for a crease-less and flawless finish. Aye! Baking the makeup helps give your face a nice structure when under lights.

After doing up with the eye makeup, Zaara applied Dior’s Eye Kohl at the model’s waterline. She then brushed the shade complimenting the outfit at the bottom line with the black shade been applied near the waterline. And after applying the eye lash extensions and grooming the eyebrows, the spoolie wand made a special appearance to clear the lumps. The translucent powder was, then, dusted off using a fluffy brush.

Zaara Chougle
Picture Credits: Sanskriti Bhardwaj

And then, do the bronzing and blushing together with the highlighting and the lipstick. Yee-haw! The product used here by Zaara were – Anastasia Beverely Hills Glow Kit, Faces Ultime Pro Bronzing Powder, MAC lipstick in Ruby Woo shade and Anastasia Beverley Hills Lip Palette.

Outfit of the model’s were sponsored by Nikkita Taneja, a fashion designer based in Kanpur. You can find or get your outfits designed by the lady anything and everything fitting to your western taste.

Nikkita Taneja
Outfit Partner: Nikkita Taneja

And now, but not the least, let’s mention the giveaway partner – Vanaha Organics by Chandana Arora. The attendees were given away the French Pink Clay Rose Face Mask and the Lip Balm in Spearmint by Vanaha’s. The blissful products by Vanaha claims to have been stem from nature – pure, natural, wild crafted and of organic lineage.

Chandana Arora
Chandana Arora – Vanaha | Natural Beauty Products

We, at Vanaha work with natural colors, fragrances, extracts, infused oils, natural butters, natural waxes, essential oils together with the enrichment of nutrients and antioxidants to nourish and pamper the skin. We take customised orders according to skin type and fragrance preference.“, said Chandana Arora.


Bloggers to Attend the Event –

kanpur bloggers
Kanpur Bloggers

Neisharora from HaleandBelle, Gunjan Bajaj from ChicBlingGirls, Kashish Rai from LoveLifeandMartinis, and Anonymous Food Blogger. Don’t forget to follow their Instagram stories.

Photo Courtesy – Sanskriti Bhardwaj

Here we end, with two more quick tips by our artist, Zaara Chougle –

  1. Apply Mayonnaise or Aloe Vera Gel if you’re troubled by dry hair.
  2. If you want a heavy makeup look, go for a cream contour. Powder based contour products works good for a light makeup look.

That’s it.

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