How to Make Chocolate Truffle Sauce

Chocolate Truffle Sauce

The Chocolate Truffle Sauce is made by combining dark chocolate and milk. The sauce has a deep taste and a rich texture that makes it a perfect and flawless topping for ice-creams, cookies, puddings, shakes, and cakes.

With a flavour that the kids and also many of us delight so much, the delightful uses of truffle sauce can be put to no end. Also, you could try fortifying the truffle sauce with a healthy cup of yoghurt, making it a tasty treat for the little ones!

Chocolate Truffle Sauce recipe | How to make Chocolate Truffle Sauce



To prepare truffle sauce, you can either microwave the two ingredients for 30 seconds or you could use the double-boiler method for the same.

And, that’s it! Ain’t it super easy?


The truffle sauce can be prepared in advance and stored refrigerated.

Nutrient values per cup Energy 1138 cal Protein 18.7 g Carbohydrates 51.4 g Fiber 0 g Cholesterol 0 mg Fat 120.9 g Vitamin A 847.7 mcg Vitamin B1 0.1 mg Vitamin B2 0.4 mg Vitamin B3 2.1 mg Vitamin C 0.8 mg Folic Acid 18.8 mcg Calcium 214.7 mg Potassium 1424.5 mg Iron 10.6 mg Phosphorus 0 mg Sodium 51.5 mg Zinc 0.3 mg Magnesium 0 mg

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