5 DIY Treatments to Get Rid of Acne and Pimples

Although getting pimples is absolutely normal, it’s a skin condition that can affect anyone at any time and is painful and really embarrassing. However, before you learn how to get rid of acne and pimples, it is important for you to understand the physiology that supports them. While some people consider it a visible reflection of the skin irritation resulting from the infected skin oil glands. However, in most of the cases, the glands malfunction and produces excess oil which then results into the saturation of glands. The excess oil on the skin traps in the bacteria. This causes infection that results into pus production. And this is the actual reason behind the raised area on the skin.

The beauty professionals swear by using harsh chemicals or the products, vigorous mechanical scrubbing, and also the skin peels and laser treatments under the supervision of physicians. However, in most cases, these treatments aggravates the problem even more, thereby, making it more worse. And so, for the occasional localised breakouts, we’ve compiled here 5 best DIY treatments to get rid of pimples quickly, safely and without pain.

1. Ice to the Rescue:

If your pimple has not yet erupted to its full, filled up with the pus, you can make use of ice to reduce inflammation and to stimulate the skin oil glands to constrict and push out all the extra oil and the bacteria from the irritated oil glands. To discourage the growth of pimples, use ice with this procedure:

Step 1. Hold an ice-cube wrapped into a piece of cloth right on the affected skin area for a few seconds.

Step 2. Wait for a few minutes. Repeat the first step.

Do this DIY treatment several times throughout the day and the pimple should resolve in a day or two.

2. Lemon:

This is yet another efficient DIY treatment for pimples. A fresh lemon juice is citric that works as a natural astringent. While this mild citric works out as an effective antiseptic and works to kill bacteria in the gland, the astringent properties helps dry out the excess oil. Take a clean, sterile cotton ball and apply the fresh lemon juice on the affected skin area before bedtime. That’s it!

If the pimples are more stubborn, mix together fresh lemon juice with the Cinnamon powder and dab it onto the pimples and leave it on overnight. This helps get rid of the pimples very quickly. However, it is not recommended for people with the sensitive skin types.

3. Honey:

Honey is a well-known natural antiseptic that can work to destroy the bacteria in the oil glands, thus, speeding up the healing process.

To go on with this DIY treatment to get rid of acne and pimples, follow the steps here:

Step 1: Using a clean and sterile cotton swab dab the honey directly onto the pimples or the skin blemishes. Leave it on for at least half an hour.

Step 2: Rinse off with lukewarm water.

Also, you can prepare a paste like facial mask by combining honey and cinnamon powder. Allow the mask to stay onto the pimples, skin blemishes and the other affected skin areas overnight. Rinse with water the next morning.

4. Toothpaste:

Toothpaste is a great and the most handy DIY treatment for pimples. Skip on a visit to the grocery store with this DIY treatment. It works best and quick when used as a follow-up to the ‘ice’ treatment.

Step 1. Hold an ice-cube wrapped into a piece of cloth right on the affected skin area for a few seconds.

Step 2. Wait for a few minutes. Repeat step 1.

Step 3. Dab some white toothpaste onto the pimples and the affected skin areas prior to the bedtime. Leave it on overnight.

Step 4. Rinse with cool water the next morning.

PS: You can repeat the procedure during the day time. However, you need to make sure the toothpaste is in contact with the pimples for at least half an hour for effective results.

Note: It is important to make sure you use the white toothpaste here and not the gel toothpaste.

5. Steam:

Steaming is highly effective and has all the amazing benefits for the skin. It opens up the skin pores while flushing out all the bad stuff. This, therefore, happens to be one of the best DIY treatment for people with acne and pimples.

Step 1: Begin the steaming process by filling up a large pot with hot water. Position your face in a way that it comes in contact with the steam rising from the pot. Make sure you do not allow your skin to come in contact with the hot water for it can cause scalding.

Step 2: After half an hour of the steaming treatment, gently pat your face dry with a towel and apply an oil-free moisturizer all over the face.

Voila! These are a few of the 5 best DIY treatments to get rid of acne and pimples quickly, and to help promote healthy skin cells generation with a properly nurtured skin.

Do you have any DIY treatment that helped you work wonders to your skin problems? Please do share with us.

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