5 Healthful Benefits of Eating Dark Chocolate

benefits of eating dark chocolate

Sweets are often considered the culprits to health – they are no doubt a way to the unhealthy and ill world of obesity and diabetes to name a few. However, there’s yet another smart way to satisfy your sweet tooth and cravings without these added nasties from sugar. Here goes five healthful benefits of eating dark chocolate.

5. Get a Dose of Vitamins:

Dark chocolate is packed with essential vitamins and minerals that helps keeping the body strong and functional. You get approximately 11 grams of your daily fiber requirements plus 67 per cent of the day’s iron requirement, 98 per cent manganese, and 58 per cent magnesium from the 70 per cent cacao content in one hundred grams of dark chocolate.

4. Strengthen the Cardiac:

Chocolates, the Valentine’s Day treat, when helps nurture the bond, it also does strengthen your heart. Ain’t that ironic much? Studies have shown that eating dark chocolate twice or thrice a week can help with low blood pressure and keep ones heart fit and healthy by constricting the cardiovascular diseases. Also, it does help in preventing blood clots ans the hardened arteries while improving the blood flow.


3. Encourage Brain Health:

Dark chocolates cause the brain to release endorphins – the hormone that creates a feeling of euphoria and joy. The happier you stay, the longer and healthier you sustain. And not just this, it also helps in strengthening the cognitive function while falling off the stroke risk.

2. Abundant in Antioxidants:

Packed with a lot of antioxidants, dark chocolate helps promote the skin health and the youthfulness. Oh hell! Ladies.

1. Protects the Skin:

With the skin cancer and other ailments related news doing rounds on the social media, people have been looking long for new measures to stay safe from the cruel sun. And then, dark chocolate was just the thing! Several studies show that dark chocolates contains compounds called as the flavanols that help shield us from the sun damage by improving the blood flow to the skin and intensifying the overall density and hydration.

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