Laziest DIY Hacks to Sharpen Blunt Knives and Scissors Under 60 Seconds

DIY Hacks

Have your scissors and knives gone dull and blunt? Go by these laziest DIY hacks to get your knives and scissors sharpened back again, and that – with no special tools!


  • Ceramic Mug or Plate: Take a ceramic plate or mug with a rough bottom surface. Now, holding the knife at a 20-degree angle, rub the knives’ blade against the rough bottom of the plate or the mug. Voila! There you have – sharpened knife under 60 seconds!


  • Sandpaper: Get a sandpaper and fold it into two halves. Fold it in a way that the rough sides of the sandpaper are out. Cut through it using a pair of your dull scissors for about 10 to 20 times. The tiny particles on the rough surface of the sandpaper will sharpen your pair of scissors in no time!
  • Aluminium Foil: This is yet another handy alternative you can go for. Take a sheet of aluminium foil. Fold it a few times so you get it nice and thick. Now practice your dull scissors by cutting thin strips of the aluminium foil and this will sharpen them right away!

We hope you liked these simple DIY hacks for your everyday kitchen concerns.

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