5 Contouring Hacks for the Glossy Look


Get knack of these 5 Contouring Hacks and, Get Glowing !

Hack#1: Blend The Two.

The medley of two products, undoubtedly, works out best than one. Blend your regular foundation with liquid highlighter and apply it on your face using a makeup sponge. And bam ! There you can see a soft glow on your face that’s like something flowing out from the inside – natural, graceful, and blissful.

Hack#2: The Oil Magic.

The concoction of concealer and facial oil does the trick for the dewy finish that you have had always wish for. Take a concealer that is one shade lighter to your skin tone. Contour by dabbing the concealer on the high-planes of your face such as the bridge of nose, cheekbones, chin, and the cupid’s bow. Grab a wet makeup sponge. Add to it a few drops of facial oil (you can try Desert Essence Organic Jojoba Oil – 4 Fl Oz), and mix the concealer up. Voila ! There you go, lady.

Hack#3: Getting Freshly Glossed.

If ever in life you’ve wondered or have earnestly crossed your fingers to get those glossy cheekbones and other features reflecting the light ; Yoo-hoo ! Your wish is granted. Grab your hands on some gloss and apply it over the highlighter to accentuate your glossy look even more.

Hack#4 Radiate an Illuminating Flush.

Dab a little of an illuminating powder (try Faces Ultime Pro Second Skin Pressed Powder Compact) on the apples of your pre-blushed cheeks and watch them breathe a new life.

Hack#5: Reverse Contouring.

If you too belong to that club of people who haven’t yet heard about the trick, you definitely ought to give a shot to it – right now ! Move along your jaw-line while applying a line of highlighter, and gently fuse it to lay bare the hollows of your cheeks. The hack do wonders to get that impeccable finish for the dewy and glossy skin you have had always dreamt of.

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