Jab We Seperated
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Comic Drama – Jab We Separated | Felicity Theatre

“Jab We Separated” is a comedy drama that unfolds the mindset of the contemporary couples – the frangible relationships woven in tottered fabric of mistrust with no basting either. The play written and directed by the prominent television, films and theatre personality – Rakesh Bedi, is primarily an emotional saga. It, however, is packed with …

Jacqueline Fernandez
FASHION Lifestyle

#BirthdayGirl – 6 Fashion Looks of Jacqueline Fernandez that are Totes Stunning!

“Ho kudi aisi fancy Nachdi toofan si Har ek thumka aazmaaye… Shava! Nothing could have fit this caption better than our drop-dead gorgeous birthday girl, Jacqueline Fernandez. Not only has she hit us with her KICKass grooves but, has also inspired us with her OOTD’s that forms us what we’re today – Sundar, Susheel and …


Sonali Bendre Behl’s Heartfelt Note on Her Not-So-Little Son’s 13th Birthday

Although I am 29 years old now but still if I don’t get to see my mother around when I wake up in the morning, I slip into a state of panic! This puts me into a thought what a 13-year-old would feel like when he’s far away from his mother, and that on his …

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How to Contour Your Eyes for Your Eye Shape

Your Handy Guide to be an Eye Makeup Ninja Whoa Gorgeous! Hale and Belle has compiled this week a handy guide for you on how to contour your eyes for eye shape. Just tap on the Instagram embedded below to get knack of it. A post shared by HALE AND BELLE (@haleandbelle) on Mar 7, …

Amitabha Singh

Film Making Workshop by Amitabha Singh at Roots and Wings

Being Indians, we are greatly involved in cinema. The filmy facets and the details reeling out the reality goes like part and parcel of our routine life. Ain’t it? Recall all the times when you aspired to be Shahrukh Khan when lifting hands during P.T class or Madhuri Dixit when performing at some function or …

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Summer Makeup Look | Forbidden Love by MUA Gunjan Bajaj

It’s a hot, muggy, sunny day out. Wanna know how would any makeup artist doll herself up? Well, here we are. In collaboration with the Makeup Artist – Gunjan Bajaj, Hale and Belle presents you your ultimate guide to the Soft Summer Makeup Look | The Forbidden Love. And, it certainly has not to be …

Kanpur food
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#TheFoodGrubs – Regenta Central The Crystal

“Good food is all the sweeter when shared with family while a good place has to be cherry on the top.” Date: Sunday, 06th May 2018 Venue: Regenta Central The Crystal Time: 04:00 PM This fine dine restaurant has an amazing ambience with a royal-looking interior. Locating at the Benjhaver road in Harsh Nagar, Kanpur …


Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy – Heal your Skin Employing the Body’s Natural Powers to Skin Rejuvenation

Did You Know the Secret to a Youthful Glow and a Healthy-Beautiful Skin Interred Within? Aye! Perhaps, it really did. We’ve had always considered harnessing the body’s own process to heal and restore to further rejuvenate was one of the top functions offered by the cosmetic medicine. For instance, the laser treatment is a cosmetic …


Skin Talk by Renowned Dermatologists | Session 1

It is a universal obsession to look beautiful and youthful while being natural at the same time. However, the fact very well been laid by anonymous, we only get to harvest what we sow. Ain’t it? We all have a different kind of skin. And it is of utmost importance to know our skin type, …