How-to Make a DIY KIMONO SHRUG with an Old Scarf!

It’s an all women story; shop, shop and shop till the closet reaches to a zero space level. But, ever wondered how those beautiful pieces of your scarves living at the back of your cupboard can breathe in fresh again? It could be some DIY stuff. Or may be, the DIY KIMONO SHRUG. Yes! You can reuse your favorite old scarf as a totally new and very own DIY Kimono Shrug. And the best part, NO CUTTING, NO SEWING. Give a *DESI SPIN* to your simple outfit in less than 5 minutes. Just go on with these easy breezy steps below:

Step 1:

Fold your scarf in two halves, ONLY.

Step 2:

Bring together the two ends and tie up a knot.

Step 3:

Turn it inside-out.

Step 4:

Slide your arms in through the two openings.

Voila! Here you’ve, your very own DIY Kimono Shrug, that’s ready in less than 5 minutes!

You can put to use a scarf that’s bright in colour with beautiful prints. Carry it with simple outfits and throw a colour splash to your style quotient.

You can also watch the super easy video here.

Try out this DIY Shrug and do let us know your inputs in the comment box below.

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