Boho Scarf Bun – A Perfectly Imperfect Summer Hairstyle to Rock the Season

This easy breezy every day hairstyle is, literally, custom-made for the hot summers. Read out this step-by-step guide and rock the season with this quick and trendy summer hairstyle – Boho Scarf Bun. Just get your hands on your favorite scarf / head wrap / bandana with some pretty floral prints, two hair ties, several bobby pins and U-shaped pins. Alright, let’s get started:

Step 1:

Smoothen and gather all your hair at the crown area. Tie them into a high ponytail, securing it with a hair tie. Make sure to not pull your hair so tight that they lose their natural volume and shape in the crown of your head. If you’ve short bangs, you can either leave them hanging for a perfectly imperfect messy hairstyle, or you can secure them in place using bobby pins for a clean look.

Step 2:

Hold the ends of the scarf, and tightly wrap it around your ponytail base. Make two wraps and tie a knot at back.

Summer Hairstyle
Pictorial | Image Source: Pinterest

Step 3:

Section your ponytail into two equal halves. As shown in the picture, hold together the scarf and the hair on both the sections. Hold them tightly.

Step 4:

Now, twist your hair along with the ends of your pretty scarf.

Step 5:

Twist both the sections together and tie them up into a beautiful bun at the crown area of your head. Secure your bun with a hair tie / rubber band to keep your scarf and hair from falling.

If your headscarf is long enough, you can wrap it all around your bun and tuck it with a few bobby pins to secure at place.

Step 6:

As a final move, tuck in your hair ends using the U-shaped pins to secure the bun at place. Voila!

The beautiful Boho Scarf Bun – a perfect summer hairstyle to grace your outfit *unconventionally* for the sunny days when you want to rock without dealing with the hot hair styling tools. And yeah! The selfie. *winks*

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