5 Morning Habits that are Leading Your Body To Gain Weight

morning habits

You have cut off junk food and candies from your diet since long. Also you workout everyday and give up your utmost dedication to the fitness programme to shed weight. Psst! Those stubborn extra kilograms seem to cling your body with all their love. Right? But wait! Did you ever try discerning your usual morning regime? Ah well, not. It is our morning habits that are, in fact, the key player to get that perfect ‘shape of you’.

The Hale and Belle team has compiled 5 morning habits that one should forswear.

1. You’re in love with your sleeps:

When we go sleep deprived, our body is likely to produce the stress-response hormone, namely cortisol, that breakthrough the appetite. Oversleeping, however, does not work out cool either. A study has presented a fact that sleeping for more than 10 hours a night can resultantly lead to a higher body mass index. It’s to no surprise why Doctors always recommend 7-9 hours of proper sleep every day.

2. You Organize in the Dark:

Greet your day with a kiss of sunshine; open the curtains soon after you wake up. A study has shown that the blue light waves from the early morning sun are the metabolism booster, helping your body to rise and shine. A mere 20 to 30 minutes of exposure to daylight can do wonders to your health, terribly affecting the body mass index.

3. You Don’t Make Your Bed:

This may sound weird, but real it is. According to a study by the US National Sleep Foundation, the people who reportedly involved themselves in bed-making, also reported an overall better sleep and health. A healthy sleep is an optimum way towards a healthy weight and healthy living after all.

4. You Neglect Weighing Yourself:

Researches have shown that weighing every day is a brilliant idea to buck up weight loss. The best time to weigh yourself is in the morning on an empty stomach. This is because the body loses water weight overnight, and so you get the most accurate digits on the scale.

5. You Eat Bantam Portions for Breakfast:

There are numerous studies and researches that suggests to chow down the breakfast meal like a king. Mornings are the time when you must pamper yourself with scrumptious meals. If truth be told, a balanced breakfast that is packed with 600 calories of carbohydrates, lean protein, and then some dessert to help you go with your diet plan easily.

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