3 Cleaning Tricks To Make Old Crusty Pans Shine Like New Again

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Everyone surely may have a baking tray that has a grease layer so thick that it goes hardly possible for them to recall its original shade. The cast-iron pans and griddles that might have passed down from their grandma’s time has now crudely rusted out. The glass casserole dish that has lost its crystal clear shine. Yes! You surely can chuck them and begin fresh. However, in most of the cases it might be an irrational idea and a wastage of money. There, in fact, have been many quick and easy cleaning tricks surfacing on the social media, doing the rounds.

Here are three terrific cleaning tricks to pull down your old, crusty, and oxidized kitchen-wares’ into shiny like the new one’s so that you can line them up proudly in your spick and span kitchen – without any harsh chemical.

1) Let Your Baking Tray Glaze, Again:

Baked several batches of the brownie, the apple tarts, the chocolate chip cookies on your greasy old baking tray? Now, give it a new life with this cleaning hack and let it shine like it did before. Combine baking soda and hydrogen peroxide; and there you have a ‘miracle mixture’. Soak in your tray, old pots in the mixture for an hour and your kitchen-ware will shine like the brand-new without even the need of your efforts on scrubbing!

2) Doff Grimy Glass Dishware’s:

Here again, the baking soda is your saviour! When glassware’s amasses the clumsy burnt-on grease to it – baking soda, water, aluminium foil, a liquid dish detergent, and an old toothbrush are all that you need.

Start by setting aside an approximate of 1/4th cup of baking soda to dip your toothbrush. Now, take hold of the old toothbrush and dip it, first, into the liquid detergent, and then, into the baking soda. Using circular motion, cover the clumsy stains on your glass dishware’s with the paste. For larger areas, you can replace toothbrush with a piece of cloth to apply the paste!
Let the paste stay on the dishware for half-an-hour. Take aluminium foil, crumple it, and scrub away the softened stains. Hence, problem solved!

3) Spud-Shine the Cast-Iron Pans or Griddles:

When the old cast-iron pans deteriorate and gets into bad state, you need to gather three little things to do the trick: a potato, little oil (preferably olive oil), and coarse salt.

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