How to Make Malpuas


Malpuas, the north-indian delight, are fluffy sweet pancakes dunked in sugar caramel. Basically prepared from a batter of flour, milk, and milk solids; these pancakes are served as desserts in India and Bangladesh. And, the Malpuas, when served warm with chilled Rabri- heavens!
Check out the recipe to treat your taste buds and soothe the ooh-aahs of your tastebuds.

For Malpua Batter:
125 gms All Purpose flour (or otherwise you can also go for Wheat Flour)
500 gms powdered sugar
1 litre milk
1 teaspoon crushed fennel seeds
3 to 4 green cardamoms (either powdered or crushed)
3 pinches baking soda
½ cup water OR add as required
3 tablespoons milk solids
3 tablespoons yogurt
3 tablespoons clarified butter (for frying)

For Caramelized Sugar or Sugar Syrup:
½ cup sugar
¼ cup water
3 to 4 cardamom (powdered)
3 to 4 Rose Petals

For Garnishing:

1) Take a mixing bowl. Add to it all purpose flour, fennel seeds, cardamoms, 125 gms powdered sugar. Mix all the ingredients well.
2) Add yogurt and, milk solids (or, you can also use Nestlè’s Milkmaid).
3) Add milk and water until the batter reaches to a pouring consistency. Make sure there forms no lumps.
4) Let the batter rest for at least 30 minutes..
Meanwhile, blanch almonds and pistachios and then, leave them soaked in hot water for half an hour. Peel and slice. Keep aside.
5) Prepare Sugar Caramel:
In a heavy-bottomed pan, heat sugar and water in a ratio of 1:2. Add cardamom powder and rose petals. Simmer down, and stir well so that the sugar caramelises. Cook till the caramel or sugar syrup gets ½ or 1 inch string consistency. Make sure the syrup is kept warm so that it does not crystallize.
6) Deck out the malpua batter on the kitchen counter. Add to it 3 pinches of baking soda. Mix well.

7) Take a pan or a griddle. Add clarified butter and heat it.
8) Pour half ladle of batter (or an approximate of 2-3 tablespoons) on the hot clarified butter. Lightly, spread the batter with the back of the spatula. Shallow fry the pancakes on a low to medium heat till golden and crispy. Keep on flipping the pancakes a couple of times.
9) Drain the pancakes on paper towels for a fraction of seconds. And immediately, transfer them into the warm sugar syrup. Use a spoon or tongs to gently coat the pancakes with the caramelized sugar. Make sure you stir the sugar syrup well before adding the pancakes to it.
10) Garnish your dessert with almonds and pistachios. Serve hot. Savor the delight!

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