NykaaWaliShaadi Takes India by Storm: A Beauty Bonanza for Brides


Nykaa’s “Nykaa Wali Shaadi”: A Match Made in Marketing Heaven

A Nationwide Sensation

Nykaa, the go-to platform for beauty aficionados, recently launched its latest bridal campaign, “NykaaWaliShaadi,” which has quickly garnered over 3.6 million views, securing a place in the top ten trending videos on YouTube India. This digital phenomenon has achieved a staggering reach of 400 million, creating buzz across the country.

Tailored Beauty and Style for Every Bride

Nykaa’s campaign promises to deliver the dream “NykaaWaliShaadi” for every bride. It offers an all-encompassing beauty and style guide specifically crafted for the wedding season. By partnering with renowned makeup giants like Lakme, MAC, Huda, and Maybelline, Nykaa has crafted a unique bridal experience that stands out in the beauty industry.

Exclusive Expertise at Your Fingertips

At the core of “NykaaWaliShaadi” are the beauty experts who bring their magic to each wedding preparation. Nykaa has collaborated with some of the nation’s most revered makeup artists, including Sonic Sarwate, Marianna Mukuchyan, Guneet Virdi, and Shraddha Luthra, to offer bespoke beauty tutorials and complimentary bridal makeovers for a lucky few.

Celebrating Beauty and Love

A ‘NykaaWaliShaadi‘ is more than a campaign; it’s a festive celebration of love, beauty, and the joyous union of marriage,” explained a Nykaa spokesperson. “We’re thrilled to provide a platform that combines extensive beauty guides, access to top-tier makeup artists, and collaborations with leading brands to help every bride realize her wedding day dreams.”

Engagement Beyond the Internet

The excitement of the “NykaaWaliShaadi” extends beyond online platforms. The campaign includes in-store masterclasses led by expert makeup artists, drawing crowds of beauticians and brides-to-be eager to learn about the latest bridal beauty trends.

Digital Storytelling with a Touch of Glamour

In collaboration with Filtercopy, Nykaa created two engaging digital films that perfectly capture the essence of the “NykaaWaliShaadi” experience. These films achieved viral status almost immediately, trending at #6 on YouTube India within the first 24 hours and have since reached over 3.6 million views.

Industry Leaders Excited by the Partnership

Karen Thompson, Brand Director of MAC Cosmetics India, shared her enthusiasm for the collaboration: “The bridal season is a significant period where beauty and fashion merge seamlessly. Our partnership with Nykaa allowed us to demonstrate our artistry and reach a wider audience, providing unforgettable beauty experiences tailored to the bridal season.

Zeenia Shroff Bastani, General Manager of Maybelline New York & Nyx at L’Oréal India, added, “Our collaboration with Nykaa for ‘NykaaWaliShaadi‘ marries Maybelline’s innovation and trendsetting makeup with Nykaa’s consumer reach, offering exceptional makeup looks for the most special days.

A Dream Come True for Brides

The campaign also featured a contest where brides-to-be could win a complete bridal makeover by one of the featured makeup artists. Diksha, a lucky winner, expressed her gratitude: “Being a Nykaa bride surpassed all my expectations. I’m deeply thankful for the stunning makeup artistry that transformed me on my wedding day. Thank you, Nykaa, and Sonic Sarwate, for making me the happiest bride.

Embracing India’s Rich Cultural Tapestry

Nykaa’s “NykaaWaliShaadi” spans the entire country, showcasing bridal looks that celebrate the diverse cultural heritage of India, presented in various regional languages to enhance authenticity and appeal.

With its innovative approach and broad appeal, Nykaa’s “NykaaWaliShaadi” campaign has set a new benchmark in bridal beauty, ensuring that every bride’s journey to the altar is as glamorous and memorable as ever.

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