Is Your Partner a Narcissist?


To get through in a relationship with a narcissist could be a situation like where at first place you take up the gauntlet with the eyes blindfolded in love, and then later on you regret for screwing up all the peace of your mind. Psychiatrist explains the cues to help you figure out if you’re dating a narcissist – and when you might want to contemplate and take apart the relationship commitments.

A Narcissist Holds up Three Hallmark Traits: A bit thick sense of self-importance, hungry for admiration all the time, and dearth of empathy towards fellow people. And how these attributes get out of the system itself? He may be contemptuous, egoistic, manipulative, and hypersensitive to any criticism. He has chutzpah to emotions of the other people.

Several times the term “narcissist” is labeled to a person who is super confident. But that’s not condign. If your partner is charming you with creative dates, blowing over you an air of self-confidence – he’s not a trouble! Why? Because he is doing all that for all the love he has for you. He is putting YOU on a pedestal unlike the ones with narcissistic tendencies who would rather WANT you to set HIM to a pedestal.

The Narcissist people have their minds preoccupied with thoughts of being all-powerful, glorious, appealing, and smart – and that when those thoughts don’t go cahoots with their real achievements in life! These dispositions fetch them up troubles in their relationships and work, however, they for themselves calls for a diagnose and treatment to actual Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Now, riding out a romantic affair with a narcissist can be real difficult. Narcissists barely notice problems in their behavior and hold little or no interest in changing them – and you can help change a person only if he himself is willing to.

Though not all the narcissists are alike nor do they have same behavior. One who is mildly narcissistic may show up with just a little of all these chutzpah behaviors; he may be flexible to reeling behaviors and thus keeping their partners happy and content. However, if they happen to land up at cusp of the gamut, his weaknesses may grow into a trouble for you. Perhaps he would not be willing to spend time with your friends in case he finds himself not at the center of attention. Or he may be short-tempered and inclined to getting his fuse blown out when things doesn’t happen to go his way. He could even turn out emotionally abusive – which is certainly a red flag to the relationship. You must not go on in a relationship with a person who is insensitive to your emotions, tries to control you or bully you. And if your partner does that, it is the time for you to reassess your relationship and move out of it before dive in too deep.

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