Hair Massage Technique : The Scalp Quencher, Hair Growth Booster, Stress Buster

The Scalp Quencher / Hair Growth Booster / Stress Buster Massage Technique relieves and loosen up the scalp muscles. The proper oiling and the hair massage technique helps the oil penetrate deeper, satisfying your scalp’s thirst. This hair massage is good enough to open up the blood circulation to your head (and hair follicles as well!). Now no more calls to the cups of tea when stressed, and no more rush to the drugstores or salons for hair growth treatments. Just go on with this 5-10 minutes therapy to avail the benefits.

Step 1.

Begin from your right ear by placing three of your fingers above the ear.

Step 2.

Gently move them side-to-side. Repeat the same just behind your ear.

Step 3.

Work your way to the back of your head in the same manner.

Step 4.

Repeat the steps from the left ear.

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