Bengaluru Gets Pampered: Auguste Skin Opens India’s First Exclusive Facial Studio

Auguste Skin

Bengaluru, Karnataka – Skincare brand Auguste Skin has launched a one-of-a-kind luxury facial studio in Bengaluru, offering a unique experience focused solely on facial treatments [1].

The studio boasts a variety of specialized therapies, including the MineralElixir Renewal, FloraDNA Blossom, and NutriMoore Glow LED Renewal.

Stepping into the Auguste Skin studio is akin to entering a haven of refined elegance. Grand French doors and a stunning 7-foot crystal chandelier set the tone for a luxurious and sophisticated environment.

Not just Bengaluru! Auguste Skin goes global with partnerships. USA, UK, Korea – you name it! These collabs bring worldwide skincare innovations to India, boosting their premium offerings.

We are thrilled to introduce the ultimate Auguste Skin experience to Bengaluru,” said Ayesha Sabah, Co-Founder and CEO of Auguste Skin. “Our luxurious facial studio reflects our commitment to providing exceptional, personalized skincare solutions that address individual needs. We look forward to pampering and rejuvenating our clients while guiding them on their journey to healthier, radiant skin.

More than facials! Auguste Skin offers a complete skincare line on their website, coming soon to major platforms too. Their mission? It’s not just about facials; they want to redefine beauty by promoting self-acceptance and healthy skin.

About Augusté Skin: Where Luxury Meets Personalized Skincare in Bengaluru

Bengaluru welcomes newcomer Auguste Skin! Their focus? Merging self-care with science. Offering their own products & specialized facials, they’re a one-stop shop for holistic beauty.

Here’s a breakdown of what Auguste Skin offers:

Luxury Facial Studio: Their Bengaluru location offers a variety of facials with unique names like MineralElixir Renewal and FloraDNA Blossom. These facials are designed to be pampering experiences with no downtime.

Skincare Products: Augusté Skin also has its own line of skincare products, including serums, scrubs, and face masks.

Global Skincare Collaboration: They also plan to collaborate with international skincare brands to bring products from other countries to the Indian market.

Newcomer Augusté Skin is shaking things up in Bengaluru! They offer clean, effective skincare & luxurious spa experiences. For a fresh routine or a pampering facial, check them out!

Source: Media Brief

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