Makeup-free Technique to Get Plump Lips

Plump Lips

Did you know a little extra effort could be of help in making your look fuller and plump even without makeup? Here’s a quick guide to assist you in achieving plump lips without makeup.

The social media rage today has brought over so much of influence around what new trend to follow and how to look, getting dazed is undoubtful. The super trendy fuller and plump Instagram-worthy pout is the current rage and if you covet to try it, read this out.

Let’s get straight, talking about the natural beauty – you should be embracing your natural pout with all your heart (regardless of its whatsoever shape or size). However, experimenting tricks to make them look appear fuller and bigger could also be fun. The most sought-after Kylie Jenner’s signature lip are apparently feasible using a myriad of beauty products. However, not really do we need to back on just the lip contouring and matte glosses for plumper looking lips. The job becomes even more easy if we do incorporate makeup-free techniques into our daily beauty regimen. Additionally, you save your money on expensive celebrity lip kits gaining popularity all around the globe.

Makeup-Free Steps to Achieve Plump Lips:


Exfoliation is the first, and incredibly the key step. Exfoliate your lips using some lip scrub before working your way with anything else. A dry pucker could lead to plump-looking lips, appearing larger than they are because dry and flaky lips reflect less light. You can put to use a soft toothbrush to get rid of the flakes with gentle strokes. This scrubbing in light strokes stimulates blood circulation that puts out your lips in naturally rosy look. To get your exfoliation game on point, use a hydrating sugar lip scrub. It is yet another step you must be adding to your skincare regimen for it could reap you with notable benefits.

Ensure Moisturization:

Incorporate hydrating and conditioning lip products to your regimen. They support the lips stay plump, supple and moisturised just as much as the rest of your skin would. Just like the eyes, lips too are thinner and more delicate than the other parts of the face. Thus, they call for an added care and pampering.

Lip products crafted using butters, botanical oils, antioxidants or the plush waxes could be your saviour in the long run. Lipids and oils have the potency to render fatty acids to the skin, creating a protective layer on the skin. Cocoa and shea butters are packed with moisturising ingredients that soften the skin. Furthermore, when antioxidants help discard the free radicals from the skin, the waxes support the occlusive nature in the formula by hardening the base.

Adopt Serums Packed with Hyaluronic Acid:

The serums packed with the goodness of hyaluronic acid supports the naturally plumped up pout. With the power of hyaluronic acid, the parched lip soak-up all the moisture to them, and instantly gives an appearance of plumper and fuller lips. The Hyaluronic acid holds the water-attracting power that can draw in one thousand times as much water from the air as it weighs. It is suggested to always follow up the HA serum with an occlusive lip product, for instance a wax or an oil-based balm. While Hyaluronic Acids work as a humectant that attracts moisture to the skin, Occlusive helps seal the moisture by creating a thick and protective layer for soft and moisturised lips throughout the day.

Apply Sunscreen:

Lip protection against UV rays is as much important as the protection of face from the same. It is suggested to consider lip products that are packed with physical sunblock (such as titanium dioxide or zinc oxide). Moreover, the products may also be packed with other moisturising ingredients such as hyaluronic acid that hydrates and smoothen the lips. The UV rays not only leads to sunspots and wrinkles, but also causes the volume loss. The harmful UV rays would accelerate the collagen loss and inhibits the body’s ability to produce healthy levels since they hinder and ruin the collagen production. A study suggests that the skin’s exposure to the UV rays remarkably decreased the collagen type I.

Additionally, you can also opt for lip balms infused with the SPF.

Consider Gua Sha:

The Gua Sha, when incorporated in daily skincare regimen, can drastically help sculpt the face. It encourages the lymphatic drainage and is adored by the beauty experts round the globe. Gua Sha’s can also be used as a tool to help achieve the naturally plump lips in one quick move. Take a Gua Sha and push your lip outwards and hold the position with another hand for a few seconds. Make rapid but gentle movements between the rippled edge and the outer edge of the Gua sha to cause friction. The friction caused helps render a plump appearance to the lips.

Ensure Hydration:

Regardless of all the products that you apply topically to your skin or lips, it is important to ensure that you’re properly hydrated from within. Make sure the consumption of plenty fluid every day forms up our daily routine. The studies suggests that the adequate amounts of hydration can make the dermis thicker over time. Hence, the plump skin all over the body, including the face.

Incorporate Lip Balms to Your Daily Regime:

The lips have quite a delicate skin that calls for a gentle hydration on regular basis. Using your fingertips, massage the lips balm onto your lips. If it soaks in quickly, you might want to reapply the balm for it to add an extra moisture to the skin. The moisture is not only required on the superficial, outermost layer of the skin, but also on every layer beneath the epidermis.

Consider a Natural Lip Plumper:

A lip plumper reacts with the lip skin to stimulate the blood flow, making the lips slightly swell using the collagen peptides or natural, mild irritants like cinnamon, cayenne, and peppermint. While the plumping lip gloss helps with fuller appearing lips, you should refrain from such products if you’ve a sensitive skin or any allergy since they’re quite drying and irritating to the skin.


Q: How do I make my lips appear plump overnight?

A: You could try exfoliating your lips using salt, sugar, and olive oil scrub.

Q: Can lip biting help the lip grow fuller and plump?

A: No, absolutely not. It may instead lead to bruising, sores, and rawness. The repetitive bites on the same area can furthermore lead to the growth of fibroids.

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