50 Makeup Tips and Hacks You Need to Know

Sneak a look at your makeup babies and visualize all the masterpieces you can create using them. How about knowing all the other ways you can play with your eye-shadow palette than just coloring your lids? Or, grab on super tricks to get those wings on fleek every single time? It doesn’t count if you’re just a beginner or a makeup pro; the makeup tips, the tricks and the hacks always comes handy. Use your makeup arsenal in multiple ways for a smart gesture.

Hale and Belle compiles you a list of 50 super makeup tips to keep you going gracefully stunning at all times.

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Top 50 Makeup Tips And Hacks

Makeup Tips To Apply Primer

1. Ensure Your Primer Complements Your Foundation

Make sure your primer and foundation share a same base; be it the oil or the water. If not taken care of the ground, the two products will repel each other and glide off your face. Blending will undergo a tough job here.

2. Vanish Crow’s Feet

Dab a modest amount of primer around your eyes. The trick helps dramatically slash down the appearance of crow’s feet. Also, we recommend you using translucent powder around your eyes after foundation. This too helps you fix the creases appearing around.

Makeup Tips For Applying Foundation

3. Right Application For Right Coverage

If you call for a sheer coverage, always put on the foundation using your fingers. But, if full coverage is what you need, use foundation brush instead.

4. Eschew Peach Fuzz.

The foundation has always to be applied in downward strokes. Reason? We do have a layer of hair on our face; doesn’t matter if it’s thin or coarse – if you put on your foundation in upward strokes, your hair strands will literally stand out and look prominent much. To look fresh and pink like a peach may be our hearty desire, however, highlighting the peach fuzz has definitely not to be one.

Makeup Tips For Applying Concealer

5. Create A Conical Shape

Most of us are used to applying the concealer in a semi-circular pattern under the eyes is a common technique. However, the correct idea to reduce the appearance of the dark circles, puffiness or the bags using the concealer is to apply it in a conical pattern. Apply the product in conical pattern beginning from the under eye areas to almost where your nose ends. Not only it helps blending precisely, but also it helps contour the sides of your nose.

6. DIY Color Correcting Palette

The wonderous colour correcting palettes may probably have by now captured your knowledge areas. These camouflages in several hues helps cancel out flaws on face. For instance, the green helps cancel out any redness like that of acnes or pimples, lavender helps out with yellow toned skin discolorations, peach magically camouflages bruise or the blue toned under eye circles, et cetera. But, any time if you’re running out of the color corrector, mix an eyeshadow of the color you want with your normal concealer – and voila! You’ve your own cheap but smart color correcting palette.

7. Know The Key Focal Points

The trick is for those slothful days when you’re out of time or may be too slothful to put on your concealer properly. Dab on a little concealer, preferably using a brush, on the under eye areas, the corners of your mouth and the nose – and, you’re good to go.

Face Powder Application Tips

8. Learn The Correct Function

The most common types of face powder are – loose powder and pressed powder. They both come in dewy and matte finishes. It is of importance to understand which one to use for what purpose.

Loose powder are helpful in setting up the makeup, making it last long. The loose powder comes in both the forms – the tinted and the transculent. It is always wise to use the translucent powder for setting the makeup as it does not disturbs the colour of your foundation or the concealer product.

Pressed powder, on the contrary, are ideal for touch-ups on the go. Also, when dewy finish helps you achieve a glowing look; the matte finish provides a porcelain appearance to the skin with fine textures.

9. Pick The Right Brush.

The applicator holds a great power. Why? Because it has a great proportion of contribution to the result of any makeup product, especially with the powders. For best results, it is always suggested to use a fluffier brush to put your powder on.

Makeup Tips To Apply Blush

10. Blush Before Foundation.

This is one clever trick to reverse the order of applying makeup for sublime results. Apply blush before foundation. The end result gives you a kind of glow that appears naturally from within.

11. Use A Tissue Paper For Blotting

Ditch the idea to blot the blush with a powder. Instead, use a tissue paper. Lightly press the blotting paper over the blush. Finish it off using your makeup sponge or beauty blender. Whoa! The perfect flush of hue on your cheeks.

12. Be Heedful With Shimmery Blushes

To pull of a shimmery blush right could be tricky. It, in fact, is suggested to skip shimmery blushes if you have large pores, pimples, acne, or other symptoms of a troubled skin.

Makeup Tips To Apply Bronzer

13. Bronze in a Triangular Fashion For Better Blending

Applying bronzer at the hollow of cheeks, using a fluffy brush, is though a common practice. However, it is always a better idea to draw two inverted triangles on cheeks with the bronzer. Blend, blend, and blend; there you have your perfectly chiseled face.

14. DIY Bronzer

Anytime you’re in a mood to try out some fun with the makeup art, try creating your own bronzer. All you need for the same are a few items already sitting on your kitchen shelf – cinnamon powder, nutmeg powder, cocoa powder, and cornstarch. Mix the four dry ingredients together. Voila! Here you have your DIY bronzer. If you are one organic makeup lover, this is your way to go. Keeping chemicals at bay wouldn’t have been natural than this before.

Makeup Tips For Brows

15. Feathery Strokes

Filling out the brows with one single strike of the product is a layman’s way. Never do that. Instead, create light feathery strokes using the brow pencil and buff out the harsh lines, if any. It will give them a more natural look.

16. Instant Eye Lift

Apply highlighter right above your brow arch and blend it out. Not only it will define your brows and give an instant lift to the eyes, but also it will give a dramatic appearance to the entire face.

Eye-shadow Application Tips

17. Donning Many Hats

Eye-shadow has to be indeed one of the most versatile soldier of the makeup arsenal. You can use it as a blush, highlighter, or a bronzer. Also, eye-shadows could also be put to use for slight alterations to the color of the base makeup products.

18. Attain The Pop

If an eye-shadow with less pigment leaves you stumped in a situation you called for an extra pop, worry not – the white eyeliner pencil is to your rescue. Begin your eye makeup by creating a white base first, filling the lids with a white eyeliner pencil.

19. Proxy for Eyeliner

On the days when a battle with your liner stands impossible or may be you rather look forward to a soft look; take an angular brush and use an eye-shadow instead on the upper lash liner. It gives you a soft, breezy look that’s just perfect for summers.

Makeup Tips To Apply Eyeliner

20. Dots And Dashes Be The Saviour

The idea might sound weird and lame to a few, but yes, there are people for whom drawing a straight line on a paper is as difficult as nailing jelly to a tree. Let alone presenting the artistry on eyes, and that with an eyeliner. But hey! Fret not. Draw out small dashes or the dots with your eyeliner on the lash line. Join them, and there you are with a perfectly done eyeliner in seconds!

21. Scotch Tape To The Rescue

For those perfect and sharp wings, scotch tape method is the call. Stick a scotch tape to the sides of your eyes in an angular fashion and allow the ends to guide you to achieve those killer wings every single time. Alternatively, you can also put to use a spoon, a business card, a ruler, a debit card or basically anything with a straight edge as a guide.

23. Go Natural With Tightlining.

On the days you prefer to carry a basic, minimal makeup look – tightlining is the key. Here, you apply the eyeliner at the waterline and not the lash line. It is strongly recommended to use a waterproof variant for the look.

Also, never go for a liquid liner as it takes time to dry up while leaving sufficient time for the product to get into your eyes and cause irritation.

If the pencil liner is your choice, consider using a plastic twist up liners than the wooden. The edges of a wooden pencil liner can irritate your eyes. And, if you’re using a gel or cream liner that ain’t in a pencil form, apply the product using a flat or angled brush.

24. Shadow Is The Key To Lock It In

To prevent your eyeliner from smudging, top it with an eye-shadow in the same shade. Not only it locks the liner, but also it intensifies your eyes make them look dramatic.

Makeup Tips To Apply Kohl/Kajal

25. Prevent Smudging

To keep racoon eyes at bay, it is important to set your liner in place. How do you that? “After applying your kohl pencil, set it with the eye-shadow of the same shade. Firstly, it gives you an intense eye look. Secondly, kohl gets locked by the powder in the eyeshadow product, thus, helping the kohl to not travel down the cheeks.”, suggests celebrity makeup artist Gomit Chopra.

Alternatively, you can simply draw out a line using the eyeliner over your kohl. This will help the kohl stay in place as well as look super neat.

26. Hassle Free Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes are love. To get the look without much hassle, simply apply kohl on your upper lashline, lower lashline, and the waterline. Smudge it. Finish off the look by drawing a sideways ‘V’ on the outer corner of eyes and blend it nice. There you are! Rock your sultry smokey eyes for a night out.

27. Easy Removal Of Kohl

Getting rid off kohl from the eyes can be a test from hell. But, wait! Q-tip is to your rescue. Dip a Q-tip into a cleansing lotion and, carefully wipe out the kohl with it. Take a good care about not poking yourself in the eyes.

Mascara Application Tips

28. Use Tissue Paper To Avoid Clumping

A clumpy, spidery mascara is majorly annoying. To prevent it, wipe off the excess product on your mascara wand in a tissue paper before every application.

29. Use Baby Powder For Voluminous Lashes

The plumped up, voluminous lashes are to die for. If you call for the same, this is the hack for you. First, apply a coat of mascara. Second, dust some baby powder on them. Third, apply the second coat of mascara. Voila! An instant dramatic volume in your lashes, and that, in a jiffy.

30. Contact Lens Solution Is Your Solution

Got a flaky, dried up mascara? Fret not. Add a few drops of either contact lens solution (the same that you clear your lenses with) or a few drops of saline water and wiggle it. The formula will get back to usable consistency.

Alternatively, you can also try dipping the tube in a glass of warm water. Dip in for a few minutes and, there you get the product liquefied for the use.

31. Preserve Mascara Applicator

Done with a tube of mascara? Wait! Do not dump the applicator. You can make use of the applicator as a spoolie for your brows. Whoa!

Lip Liner And Lipstick Tips

32. Begin From The Middle

Running the lipstick around your lips is an arse. An absolute arse? For the perfectly defined lips and the cupid’s bow, always draw out an ‘X’ to where your cupid’s bow should be. Proceed by applying the lipstick normally. Even if you are not keen about highlighting the cupid’s bow, center of your lips has always to be your start point. Begin by applying the lipstick from the center of lips, thereby, moving outwards for an immaculate finish.

33. Overline With Caution

If you have thinner lips and you want them to illude as plumpy and fuller, consider overlining. Overlining is a technique where you put lip-liner outside the lips. However, a careful approach is called for. If you go overboard with the technique, it will turn up as plain as a pikestaff and, it will look exceptionally sleazy. Apply the liner on the outer lip margins for potentially never failing results.

34. Make It Last Longer

To ensure the longevity of your perfect looking pout, apply lipstick and then, dab a little of translucent powder onto your lips. You can also substitute the translucent powder with colorless eye-shadow to serve the purpose. Also, if you put to use a shimmery eye-shadow, it will act as a highlighter and bequeath your lips an extra dimension.

35. Lip Liner After Lipstick

This may sound bizarre. But, yes! According to some makeup experts, of you apply lipliner after the lipstick, it will give you a more clear picture about how to line. And not just this, when they begin fading, they’ll align in the process too.

36. The Thumb Rule

Getting lipstick on teeth is always repugnant and ignominious. And woefully, it eventuates more often than we care enough to admit. To avoid the hap, put your thumb or a spoon inside your lips, pucker up, and pull the thumb / spoon out.

Makeup Brushes

37. Know Your Brushes

The art of makeup doesn’t really backs on the exclusive products. It all depends on the application, the way you do the art. Therefore, makeup brushes are the tools of great importance; and so is the importance to know what brush is designed for what purpose.

And yes, with ample options at our disposal, it goes daunting to remember the role served by each of the brush type. Invest time to figure out all the keys, meanwhile, understand that while fluffy brushes are apt for diffusing products like powders or the blushers, small brushes are used for products that calls for precision, for instance, the lipstick and the liner.

38. Clean Your Makeup Brushes

There sure has to be no excuse up your sleeves for not cleaning the brush, until unless a serious skin breakout is the kind of look you’re looking forward to. Unclean brushes are not only the breeding grounds of germs but also, the makeup residues on them has an impact to their performance as well. Makeup brushes needs to be clean well with mild shampoo at least once every week.

39. DIY Fan Brush

Makeup brushes can be an extravagant call. Also, to fix on one from a wide variety of brushes available could be daunting. So, if you have had been ogling that perfect fan brush with your pocket looking at the other side, don’t lose heart. Get a bobby pin and a blush brush. Fix the pin at the point where the bristles begin. Voila! There is your perfect DIY fan brush to nail the art of contouring.

40. Damp The Tip Before Application

To achieve the best out of your shimmery shadows, gently spray a little makeup setting spray over your makeup brush. But, in case you do not have the makeup setting spray, you can instead the dip the tip of your brush into water for the intense effect you coveted for.

Smart Tips And Hacks

41. Follow The Right Order

To follow the right order of makeup application is of utmost importance. It helps you achieve the best finish. Starting off makeup with the base is although a common practice; the beauty experts, however, suggests to start with the eyes and the brows. Also, doing up the foundation, concealer, and powder at the end is an ideal thing to do. Why? Because it can easily conceal all the mistakes for an end result that’s impeccable.

42. Do Makeup Under Natural Light

Do your makeup in as much natural light as you can. Makeup looks different under every different artifical light. The real deal stands in the natural light, only.

43. Cool, Warm or Neutral?

Your skin is basically in one of these three tones – warm, cool, and neutral. It is of utmost importance to know your skin tone so you can find the right products with the undertones befitting your skin tone. One quick hack to understand your tone is the check your veins color. If you have your veins in bluish or purplish hue, cool is your skin tone. If your veins appear green, you have a warm skin tone. And, if you have trouble figuring out the colour of your veins or, to say, they appear pale or colorless, you’re probably with a neutral skin tone.

44. Stroll Into The Mist

What is a makeup without a dash of favorite perfume? Don’t spray on the entire bottle of fragrance over you. If it’s strong, instead of spraying it directly at you, spray it above your head, slightly away from the body. The fragrance will distribute evenly and linger on for you to stroll into the mist.

45. Prepare Your Own Palette

Be it a concealer palette or an eye-shadow palette, we all have a few of our favorite shades that we use the most and exhaust. Palettes are generally expensive. So, instead buy refill eye-shadows of the shades you adore, set them all in an empty box to make your very own palette – comprising the shades you actually are going to use. The idea is going to save you money as single colors or refills costs less than the palettes.

46. Heat Your Eyelash Curler

Blow hair dryer on the eyelash curler before curling up your lashes. The heat will help you get those perfectly curled lashes in moments. However, ensure that your dryer is on a low heat mode and, you test the temperature of your curler on your hand to avoid getting burned.

47. Use Waterproof Products Conscientously

Water resistant products are love. They go along you with a longer stay. However, the extended exposure to water resistant products does no good to your skin. These products call for a lot of scrubbing and other special products to get removed, thus, making the probability of wear and tear of the skin’s protective layer go high.

48. Rubbing Alcohol – The Liberator

Broken compact, pigments, blush, or the eye-shadows? Fret not. Just spray over it some rubbing alcohol and hold the makeup in place. Allow the alcohol to evaporate and, wave a ‘hi’ to your restored cosmetics.

49. DIY BB Cream

Mix together your own primer, foundation, sunscreen, and compact powder. Voila! There is your customized DIY BB cream.

50. Sharing Is NOT Caring

Never share your makeup products and the tools with anyone. Not even to your darlings. NEVER. It is not at all a hygienic thing to do. Makeup sharing brings you to a higher susceptibility of getting infected. Refrain from sharing the eye makeup products and lip products, especially.

The makeup world is huge and full of wonders and joy. Do the journey. Explore the world. Keep on discovering ideas to express yourself through makeup. We hope these 50 makeup tips and hacks are going to aid you in the horde of possibilities and keep the makeup adventurer within you alive and sparking.

Also, please do leave your feedback in the comment box below.

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