5 Face Yoga Exercises For Glowing Skin

Facial Yoga Exercises

If you’re looking forward to a glowing and youthful skin, face yoga is your thing! Face Yoga Instructor and practitioner suggests 5 facial yoga exercises that you could follow for a radiant, glowing skin and eliminate wrinkles and double chin.

Sun damage and stress are a few of the many factors that lead to dull skin. There’s no denial to the fact that these factors can amp up the ageing process too. This is where your skin calls for your attention and pampering so it could resist the external damages.

Skin is the largest organ of our body. What goes inside, reflects outside. It is made up of three layers – epidermis, dermis and, hypodermis. The products application is an important approach to maintain the good skin; however, it works only on the epidermis (the top most layer of the skin. For a skin to remain healthy, it needs a deeper and holistic approach. The skin needs an approach that ensures the nutrients are effectively propagated throughout all the three layers, allowing your skin to glow from within.

While eating fresh and seasonal food, workouts, adhering to a healthy and balanced lifestyle forms up an integral part. Face yoga, a mindful practice that establishes a kind connection with your skin and your inner self, plugging out from the external world and outside stimuli, is another way to do so.

Neisha Arora, the Certified Face Yoga Instructor and Practitioner, suggests that Face Yoga helps tone and isolate the facial muscles for those perfect expressions.

5 Facial Yoga exercises for glowing skin that you need start doing today:

1. Air Shuffles:

Hold air in your mouth, and stretch it from cheek to cheek. This simple exercise helps strengthen the cheek muscles and keeps them from looking hollow. It also boosts blood circulation and collagen production that helps get rid of pimples, acne scars, and other spots on the epidermis (skin’s surface). Regular practices of Air Shuffles helps prevent the accumulation of fat in the cheeks, slims down the cheekbones, tones the face, and gives you lifted and plump cheeks.

2. Kiss and Smile:

Pucker your lips as much as you can, and then smile broadly. Do 15 repetitions of this exercise, everyday. This facial yoga exercise targets the Masseter (cheeks muscles) and Buccinator (chin muscles), simultaneously. When Masseter and Buccinator muscles are used frequently and precisely, they help achieve the youthful and defined jawline together with the flushed cheeks.

3. Eyebrows Lifting:

At half an inch above your brows, place your index finger. Try to lift your brows upwards while applying a gentle pressure downwards using your index fingertips. Perform 10-13 repetitions of this exercise, everyday. The forehead is the first region to develop wrinkles. Eyebrow lifting helps tone the frontalis (forehead muscles), relax stress and tension, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

4. Eyelid Stretching:

Raise your brows and look towards to the ceiling. Hold the position, and close your eyelids. Repeat 5-10 times, everyday. This Face Yoga Eyelid Stretching helps keep the orbicularis (eyelid muscle) tight and firm. As we age, we develop droopy exercise. Practice eyelid stretching daily to prevent the same.

5. Yogic Breath-works:

Facial Yoga exercises doesn’t suffice without the yogic breath-works. The respiratory changes lays a powerful impact on our skin, body, as well as mood. For instance, shallow breathing makes the skin appear dull and pale. The modern lifestyle and the stress in the urban scenario constantly disturbs the natural breathing pattern. It (shallow breathing) diminishes Prana, the life-giving energy.

Deep breath-works like clavicular breathing, diaphragmatic breathing, or the alternative nostril breathing (anulom-vilom) helps restore the equilibrium.

Does Face Yoga Work?

The Face Yoga is an alternative and holistic approach, that’s indeed powerful. It shows up the positive results one face, just like any other physical body workout, provided it is diligently and religiously performed every day. The added perk of face yoga is the fact that it can be done anywhere and at any time. The experts suggests that face yoga effectively counters the signs of ageing. The essence of face yoga is to retrain the facial muscles and improve the oxygen and blood flow to the face. To witness the powerful results of face yoga, you have to be doing it consistently for at least three to four week la for 30-45 minutes per day. “Ensure you avoid pulling and dragging the skin, especially around the eyes. Keeping yourself hydrated is the key”, says Neisha Arora, Certified Face Yoga Instructor.

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