Film Making Workshop by Amitabha Singh at Roots and Wings

Amitabha Singh

Being Indians, we are greatly involved in cinema. The filmy facets and the details reeling out the reality goes like part and parcel of our routine life. Ain’t it?

Recall all the times when you aspired to be Shahrukh Khan when lifting hands during P.T class or Madhuri Dixit when performing at some function or just randomly observing at the pouring rain and day dreaming your favorite ‘baarish’ sequence in your head as the hero or heroine! There must be countless moments.

Does not this suffice to state how powerful is the impact of cinema on our mind?

Bollywood Cinematographer and Producer – Mr. Amitabha Singh tells that he realized the power of cinema over the raw minds of the young and the impressionable children soon in his career. In 2016, he launched Cinevidya, a series of all India film festivals and the workshops for children. Cinevidya is a definitive endeavour to alter the general positioning of cinema in a young child’s world of engagement, inspiration, creativity and expression. And therefore, it propels the process the content that children imbibe to their minds through audio-visual media.

Films are the essential tool aiding to educate children about different backgrounds, and inculcate morals and value education. Films calls for a hearty place in their learning experiences.

With this annual project, Mr. Amitabha Singh has plans to take Cinevidya to 30 cities in India. Their recent event was held in Kanpur. Mr Amitabha was on a roll to the city for the Film Making Workshop at the Puranchandra Vidya Niketan School. Post this one week workshop, he also joined in the film making workshop at the Roots and Wings studio.

About Roots and Wings:

Roots and Wings is a creative and holistic retreat working out with a progressive motive to transform the children – un-judged and self emerged as they fiddle with creativity on some creative retreat. Putting your child to a creative retreat is indeed a liberative experience for them.

Roots and Wings was co-founded in the year 2015 byDisha Arora andChandana Arora. It has now been their three successful years in the row of conducting awe-inspiring workshops for the children.

The prequels, the vanguards – Roots and Wings, it is one dynamic creative and holistic retreat in Kanpur city that’s working on fabulously towards progression for our children of tomorrow – they polish their abilities and they help them transfom their imaginations and the creativity for a brighter future.

Hale and Belle witnessed their one such workshop – Filmmaking with Amitabha Singh. Scroll down to see a glimpse.

Amitabha Singh
Amitabha Singh at Roots and Wings

Amitabha SinghAmitabha Singh

Amitabha Singh


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