7-Day Diet Plan for a Flat Belly | Weight-Loss Tip

Having a lifestyle wide of the mark with malign eating habits, lack of exercise and high stress levels contributes to a flabby tummy.

The wider your abdomen goes, higher goes the health related risks. And, the way to getting rid of the abdominal fat comes with no shortcuts. A combination of proper healthy diet with a good fitness routine can certainly work out a way to cut down the belly fat to a large extend.

This #WellnessWednesday week, Hale and Bellehas got you covered 7-day diet plan for a flat belly and weight-loss tips.

So, get hot to trot for that flat belly really fast, by adhering to these simple diet rules:

1) Trash that C.R.A.P. Out of Your Body:

Do you understand what C.R.A.P. is? Well, it is that group of trashy food that does no good but, just harm your body. C.R.A.P. is an abbreviation to caffeine, refined sugar, alcohol, and processed food. These are one of the worst antagonist to a flat stomach. They cling to your body so bad, thus, making weight loss a hard nut to crack.

2) Indulge Yourself:

To keep oneself deplored of needless food cravings is already a substantiable task one could do. And if you’re doing that, indulging yourself in a cheat meal once a week would be perfectly fine. It could be anything that you enjoy, be it a chocolate fudge, creamy pasta or anything delectable. It will, in fact, help speed up your metabolism.

3) Introduce Your Diet the Fish-oil Supplements:

Found in salmons and sardines, fish oils are a blissful add-on to your diet. Abundantly packed with the omega-3 fatty acids, vital for everyone, should form an integral part of your diet. Fish oil’s, if not consumed directly, could also be taken in form of supplements, widely available in the market. This supplement supports fat-burning, thus, leading to a flat belly.

4) Never Miss Out on Breakfast:

Breakfast forms up as one of the most significant meal of the day. We’re all aware about the significance of this meal. One should consume breakfast within an hour of waking up and, this part of meal should contain all the essential nutrients required by the body.

5) Ward off Eating After 8 PM:

“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper”, they have rightly said. One should make sure that their dinner is as light as possible. This is because it is that time of the day when our metabolism prepares itself to shut down. This is why it is important to avoid eating after 8 pm so as to render sufficient time to the body to digest the food properly.

8 Diet Swaps to Help Flatten Out Your Belly in a Week

A mere switching of several food items with healthy ones can bring out a change to your life, literally and actually. Try out the following pointers to witness a difference for yourself.

1) Bid Adieu to the Fizzy Drinks:

The only thing, besides taste, that fizzy drinks bring along is gas. These carbonated fizzies does no good to your body than harm. And amongst all those many harms, fattened tummy is the one. To keep yourself away health hazards and needless fats, swap them with beverages like green tea, juices, et cetera.

2) Give Up on Raw Vegetables:

Vegetables are remarkably healthy and a must inclusion to the diet. However, it gives your body a tough struggle digesting it when consumed raw. It is always wise to have steamed vegetables over raw to eliminate the extra effort that stomach and gastrointestinal tract needs to undergo in breaking those raw veggies down.

3) Limit Your Salt Intake:

Water retention is one of many factor contibuting to a puffed belly. And because salt is a thing that shows its attraction to water, it causes gain of an extra fat. To limit this, swap to salt-free seasonings like cayenne pepper to notice a difference for your own good.

4) Introduce Probiotic Yogurt:

Gut bacterias play a crucial role in digestion. The imbalance of these good-bacterias can upset the digestion system, thereby leading to a puffed belly. Introduce probiotics like Greek Yogurt to your diet to treat your sugar cravings without gaining an extra pound. This will help improve the intestinal mobility and, thus, ease out the digestion process.

5) Increase Your Fluid Intake:

Fluids are integral to a fit and healthy body. It is especially during bloating that hydrating plays a key role. And, there could never be a better fluid than water. Drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day for a healthy, well-hydrated, nourished, and bloat-free body.

6) Chuck the Gum:

Many people do have a peculiar habit of chewing one or the other thing throughout the day. And to treat this craving of chewing, they end up chewing a gum. And this does no benefit to do the body. The ideal swap to try would actually be munching over dry fruits like almonds, cashews, et cetera; this will be an actual benefit to the health, providing with necessary nutrients to the body at the same time.

7) Quit the Carbs:

Our body muscles store down a kind of carbohydrate that’s known as glycogen. And, this carbohydrate is consumed only when our body work out a some extra. It is only when we quit carbohydrates in our diet that we can actually put this stored fuel / carbohydrates into use and consume it off. For this, it is necessary to avoid carbohydrates after lunch and swap your diet with low-carbohydrate diet so that the body gets no new carbohydrates to store.

8) Consume Fiber:

Fiber is an ideal factor to help digestion. Organic fiber cereals actually helps in proper digestion of the food, preventing constipation and, help you get flat belly quickly when consumed daily in the breakfast. Swap high fiber oats with the traditional cereal and that much coveted flat belly isn’t to far.

Diet Plan

Adhering to a diet plan besides daily work out is equally important. Hale and Bellehas compiled you a 7-day diet plan. Follow it and notice a difference for your own good. It is suggested to begin with this diet plan on a weekend so that you could manage out a space for your mind and body to be prepared.

Day 1

Breakfast: Omelette prepared with three egg whites, filled with 75g chopped mixed bell peppers and, a handful of spinach.
Mid-morning snack: 100g chicken and ½ red bell pepper, sliced.
Lunch: One grilled chicken breast, red bell peppers, mixed salad leaves, green beans and ¼ tbsp olive oil.
Mid-afternoon snack: 100g turkey breast with ¼ sliced cucumber.
Dinner: 100g grilled chicken breast together with steamed broccoli

Day 2

Breakfast: Baked chicken breast with a handful of kale, stir-fried
Mid-morning snack: 100g turkey breast with ½ green bell pepper, sliced
Lunch: Baked haddock fillet and mixed green salad, with ½ tbsp olive oil
Mid-afternoon snack: 100g turkey breast and 75g steamed broccoli
Dinner: One salmon steak plus chopped dill with steamed green beans

Day 3

Breakfast: 100g smoked salmon with spinach
Mid-morning snack: 100g chicken breast plus ½ yellow bell pepper, sliced
Lunch: One grilled chicken breast plus garden salad and ½ tbsp olive oil
Mid-afternoon snack: 100g turkey slices and ¼ avocado
Dinner: One grilled lamb steak (or two cutlets); steamed broccoli plus spinach

Day 4

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs (one whole, two whites), green beans and tomatoes
Mid-morning snack: 100g turkey slices plus ¼ cucumber, sliced
Lunch: Baked cod fillet with salad, plus spinach, tomato and ½ tbsp olive oil
Mid-afternoon snack: 100g chicken breast plus ½ grilled courgette
Dinner: 100g chicken breast stir-fry prepared with ½ tsp oil and green vegetables.

Day 5

Breakfast: 200g turkey breast plus ¼ cucumber and ¼ avocado, sliced
Mid-morning snack: Two hard-boiled eggs plus ½ red bell pepper, sliced
Lunch: 150g grilled prawns with tomatoes and a green salad, ½ tbsp olive oil
Mid-afternoon snack: 100g turkey breast plus five almonds
Dinner: 100g chicken breast and steamed broccoli

Day 6

Breakfast: One grilled haddock fillet plus roasted bell peppers and courgettes
Mid-morning snack: 100g chicken and one tomato, sliced
Lunch: 150g turkey with steamed broccoli, green salad, and ½ tbsp olive oil
Mid-afternoon snack: 100g chicken plus five pecan nuts
Dinner: 150g-200g steak served with steamed broccoli and green beans

Day 7

Breakfast: Three-egg-white omelette, plus steamed spinach and grilled tomatoes
Mid-morning snack: 100g turkey plus five Brazil nuts
Lunch: 150g chicken breast with green salad and steamed asparagus
Mid-afternoon snack: 100g turkey plus ¼ cucumber, sliced
Dinner: Grilled, skinless duck breast with steamed broccoli and oriental greens

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