Quirky Eyeliner Trends Every Makeup Girl Must Try

If you’re inclined to expressing yourself with makeup, then eye makeup has to be your best bet, for sure. A touch of kohl, eyeliner and eyeshadow can pull in a big difference to your look.

Eyeliner is the most loved weapon of women who relish drama with their defined and enhanced eyes spreading chaos. A stroke of the loved and trusted eyeliner on or around the eyelids holds immense power to make one look absolutely stunning. Eyeliner is one lead product in the makeup arsenal. The black eyeliner is, although, an all time classic wear; various other colour options are, today, hitting a crazy trend.

The availability of choicest liner wands and the applicators brings the liner game up to a level that’s in convenience to all – from plain wand to a felt tip wand, rolling disc wand like the Wheelie Precision Eyeliner and Stylist or the sketch pen style applicator that gets you perfectly perfect wings. Either the way, eyeliners are must-have in every woman’s vanity.

If you’re a makeup enthusiast – not boring enough to wear a simple eyeliner every day; you surely must have tried and tested out the other common eye liners like the cat eye, wings in different style, simple and exaggerated flick, et cetera. But hey! The list to creativity has not to end here. Just when you mastered all those art strokes, the good old eyeliner has got you more to play and relish the drama. Here, Hale and Belle has compiled a few more unique ways to wear the drama. It is not your basic every day makeup, so would you dare?

Thumbprint Eyeliner:

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If mastering the fine tip of the liner could not happen a piece of cake for you, or of it’s not your fonding, or may be you’re bored of it – this new Thumbprint Eyeliner trend shall be a quantum leap to the fun in you urging a change. The thumbprint eyeliners, like the name suggests, has a rounded edge on the outside corners of the eyes resembling to a shape of a thumbprint. No more fine lines or the monotous flicks does it call for; the messier it goes, the prettier it turns up. Thicker and thicker than the cat eye, thumbprint eyeliner has to be your stunning street style fashion.

Layered Eyeliner:

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Together with the standard and the classic black flicks, makeup enthusiasts have been tracing out the same lines with one or two different hues, creating a compound liner effect. If you’re pro at cat eyes, this has to be an easy-peasy style for you to try next.

Floating Liner:

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Now, this liner style stands far away from the traditional liner applicaton. The floating liner, instead of standing close to the lash line, is traced out along the eye crease – giving it a ‘floating’ appearance above the eyes. It definitely is not a cup of tea for meek little ladies. Floating liner is ideally suitable for ones with monolid eye shapes.

Ombré Eyeliner:

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After ombré hair, now, ombré eyeliner has taken over the beauty trends like storm. Instead of solid black liquid liner, makeup artists, bloggers and instagrammers have been doing fun adding multi-colored gradients to their winged liners. The hardest part about the style is having the patience to blend the hues nice and seamless. Having a hard time? Pick three shades adjacent to each other on the colour wheel (basically three variations of one colour, for instance, sky blue, cobalt and navy).


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Starry-eyes are stylish yet sophisticated and whimiscal that uses a black liquid liner, false lashes, and glue-on stars. However, playing with the hues and adding fun to the look could land you up in your world of fantasy – dreamy and slightly punky. To create the look, simply apply cat wings and strip falsies on the top before gluing the stars for a fun party look. Alternative to falsies you could brush of coloured mascara on your lashes to add more fun. And, if you find the look too high to not to even wear it in the wildest of your fantasies, you could super easily adapt the style by applying less extended flick – particularly at the inner corners of the eyes (especially if you’ve a close eye set).

Graphic Eyeliner:

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Graphic eyeliner takes the makeup game to another level. The trend is about creating shapes using liners and shades on your lids. Graphic eyeliner involves a creation of angular lines on and around the eyelids, decking them up with asymmetric geometric patterns. A futuristic and new age trend – the graphic liner it is.

Another stunning OVERDOSE of the Graphic Eyeliner:

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Stacked Eyeliner:

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After mastering the single and the dual wings, it is the time to take your art level up with the stacked eyeliner style. The idea is creating more than two wings, all stacked nealty above each other. To add more life and vibrancy, use different colours. It needs a lot of practice and a polished skill for the style calls for an even, neat, and equal placement. You could this eyeliner style as an optical illusion makeup.

Negative Space:

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Think one bad ass look carried by Emma Watson in one of her red-carpet appearance. The trend is about creating an impression of a cat-eye, or you could create other patterns as well, with incomplete wings – trace the top lashes, extending the liner strokes past the outer eye corners, and then bring the stroke back to just before the crease leaving the gaps / negative space unfilled. Whoa! Totally a high fashion look.

Another to the beautiful negative space:

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Dots and Dots:

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This is one easiest and probably the sassiest eyeliner style. Wear the liner on the upper and/or the lower eye lids just as one or a few dots. You can try playing around with the hues, however, black and white is the usual.

Here’s another to the dots:

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Snuggle down to the days when in an itch for even and perfect wings, we just kept getting them thicker and thicker; turn the stroke down until it turn up as bolt of lightening.

Here’s another to the lightening bolt:

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So, which style are you going to wear first? Do write us down in the comment box below.

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