Banana Powder 101 – The Key to Kim Kardashian’s Iconic Makeup Look

Kim Kardashian is all about her contouring and highlighting. And we badly, badly, do covet that dewy glow. Ain’t it? This month, HaleandBelle with Kanpur-based Renowned Makeup Artist, Mona Malviya from Esmerize Spalon, has got you covered all about ‘the key’ to illuminate the skin and make it sheen all over just as Kim’s skin does – Banana Powder. Aye!

Banana powder is one of those random makeup products that’s not fairly talked about enough! You might have seen or heard about it, may be tried it, or perhaps you lie in oblivion – what is it and how to use it. Switch over to YouTube, and you’ll find many pros and solid reasons to pound the product onto your face. How banana powder actually works, how to use it, and if your skin tone really matters or not are all the valid questions, the answers to which poured in happily by the Makeup Artist, Mona Srivastava.

What is Banana Powder?

Banana powder, in another words, is a pale yellow face powder that is used to set makeup base and the concealer. It works by absorbing the excess oil. It is a multi-use product that works brilliant for contouring as well as in neutralizing any redness. It’s versatile – with a fairly neutral color that works with almost all skin tones.

Banana powder was introduced back in the time when makeup products were formulated using a mineral oil base. Therefore, using banana powder had a crucial role in helping keep the shine to a minimum. However, during present time, face powders don’t need to be very absorbent because we have silicone-based, oil-free, and matte formulas to avail.

But, to understand how a banana powder actually works, and to learn the fact that banana powder is essentially a hybrid of the pressed powders or the translucent powders to help the makeup last long and to help you get rid off the excess shine.

What is Banana Powder Used For?

Banana powder is used to provide a matte finish to the makeup, and help make it stay for a longer period of time without getting patched or creased. No matter how fine you blend your foundation and concealer, creases do crop up in the under eye areas, and this is where Banana Powder comes to the rescue. It is especially applied under the eyes to set the concealer and avoid the under-eye creasing, or we could say the crow’s feet. Also, banana powder is applied at the t-zone – across nose bridge, and the chin. It plays wonder for women with dark skin tones,” Mona Srivastava explains.

How to Use Banana Powder?

You begin your makeup by applying your base, then banana powder over all the areas where you’ve applied concealer, let it sit for 5-10 minutes allowing the heat from face to set the foundation and the powder to absorb any oils, dust it off using your fan brush

(Recommended: Spectrum Collections Fan Brush), and then finish off your makeup.

But hey! Did you find these steps like some familiar oddball? If yes, it’s just because it is a basic process that we, now, address as ‘makeup baking‘.

How a Banana Powder Works?

Now, you surely must be wondering how banana powders actually vary from other makeup setting powders. Well, the answer to this is pretty much straight – “Most of the setting powders are white and they have flashback. After finishing up a makeup with a setting powder, we, at times, get flashbacks (white or ashy reflection on the face) in the pictures. Banana powders, on the contrary, are flash-friendly for they have a hint of yellow or beige colour which gives a smooth and perfect matte finish on the face, without giving any flashbacks,” Mona Srivastava explains.

Moreover, the yellow tint in banana powders helps brighten up and cover the dark circles or any discoloration in the under eye areas. Banana powders are basically used for heavy coverage and baking of the concealed areas; to hide the fine lines, pores or any other skin imperfections.

What are the Uses of Banana Powder?

Here are some uses of banana powder:

  • Absorb excess oil
  • Wonderous for medium and dark skin tones
  • Contouring and highlighting miracle
  • Get rid of under eye circles
  • Set concealer and avoid creases around the eye areas
  • Reduce the visibility of fine lines
    Minimize the appearance of pores

Banana Powders are Best Suited to Which Skin Tone?

Nevertheless, it’s not actually one shade fits all. Banana powders are most suitable for medium to deep complexions with golden, olive or yellow undertones. However, sticking to just the banana powders on the yellow undertone skin is never recommended. “If we use only banana powder on the yellow undertone skin, it will make the face look pale. Instead, add a little Laura Mercier fixing powder to the banana powder for an amazing result on the yellow undertones,” Mona suggests.

I never use banana powder for Ivory skin tones. It’s never a good idea for Ivory skin tones have a light peach reflections. When banana powder comes with a yellow and a beige hint, the foundation used for ivory skin tones are usually ivory or porcelain. And, if we set ivory or porcelain shade of foundation with banana powder, it will add a yellow tone to the face, thus, spoiling the makeup. So, it is always advisable to use translucent powders on the ivory skin tones,” tells Mona.

Furthermore, if you’re on either of the extremes of the skin tone wheel – the lighter or the darker, banana powder ain’t your friend. it is recommended to go for a makeup setting powder that complements your undertones and helps neutralize the discolorations you want to conceal.

If you’ve a fair skin, go for a truly translucent powder, for instance, RCMA no-color powder.

Orange-tinted setting powder work better for women with dark skin tone. However, “women with a deepest ebony skin tone or, darker skin tone should avoid an orange-tinted powder. This is for a reason that the orange-tinted powder doesn’t go well with the skin tone. Instead, go for powders of nutmeg or chocolate shades,” concludes Mona.

Banana Powder : Best Recommended Brand

BEN NYE BANANA POWDER is the brand that Mona Srivastava, and infact every other makeup artist and beauty expert would absolutely swear by. This popular and most sought-after kind of banana powder is by a brand, Ben Nye, that specializes in theatrical makeup. Give it a try and it will be your holy grail.



About the Product


This powder is holy grail. It comes in a shaker with a screw-off lid. The product can be used as a contour powderi as well as a finishing powder. To use, dip a brush or the blending sponge in the powder and apply it to areas you have applied concealer; at the t-zones – across the nose-bridge, chin, forehead and areas around the mouth. Banana powders are especially applied at the under eye areas to conceal dark circles or any discoloration, set the concealer and avoid creasing or the crows’ feet.

Ben Nye Banana Powder’s is formulated just like any professional makeup should be. The banana powder is formulated with high quality absorbents, anti-caking and skin-protecting ingredients like talcum, corn starch, and rice starch. Also, it has zinc which is an antioxidant, stearant – a skin conditioning ingredient, and preservatives. Ben Nye’s Banana Powder is fragrance-free and so, it forms a great product for sensitive skin as well.

Where can I find the product?

Tracking down the product could be fairly hard, so online stores like Amazon and Nykaa have generally to be your best bet. Other alternatives of banana powder are:

Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Pressed Powder in Pale Yellow

Ruby Kisses HD Set N Forget Setting Powder Banana

Graftobian HD LuxeCashmere Setting Powder in Banana Cream Pie

MAC Prep + Prime CC Loose Powder

Anastasia Contour Kit (yellow powder in the ‘Light to Medium’ palette)

Two Quick Tips by MUA, Mona Srivastava:

  • Always use banana powder with a dampened sponge under your eyes and t- zone to get a perfect flawless finish. Applying the banana powder in this manner helps make the base stay uncreased for a longer period of time as compared to the application using the brush in the under eye areas. After applying the product using the blending sponge, brush off the rest of the face using a powder brush.
  • One makeup step that I never skip is that I always use a vitamin A oil on the face to save the skin from the harshness of the makeup products.

About MUA Mona Srivastava:

Mona Srivastava is a professionally trained Kanpur-based makeup artist; the founder of Esmerize Spalon. Mona got her training done from few of the top international makeup artists such as – Kennedy Hoffman, Swati Verma, Alessandro Alcantra, Goar Avetysian, to name a few. This passionate and talented artist took no longer than 3 years to mark a place for herself in the hearts of makeup enthusiasts. “Makeup is an industry that’s like an ocean – never ending. You have a lot to learn from all around,” tells Mona. She loves to explore, try and experiment new techiques from different makeup artists. Also, she totally enjoys imparting her skill through the workshops she conduct.

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