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Shahid’s Mother Reveals the Story Behind the Name of Her Grandson

Shahid and Mira Kapoor form as perfect couple as their picture gets. Ever since they’ve got tied into a nuptial knot, they have given us some major couple goals. And with the arrival of their cutie darling Misha Kapoor, they raised the bar to the #FamilyGoals as well. However, for their family breathe a space …

Jacqueline Fernandez
FASHION Lifestyle

#BirthdayGirl – 6 Fashion Looks of Jacqueline Fernandez that are Totes Stunning!

“Ho kudi aisi fancy Nachdi toofan si Har ek thumka aazmaaye… Shava! Nothing could have fit this caption better than our drop-dead gorgeous birthday girl, Jacqueline Fernandez. Not only has she hit us with her KICKass grooves but, has also inspired us with her OOTD’s that forms us what we’re today – Sundar, Susheel and …


Sonali Bendre Behl’s Heartfelt Note on Her Not-So-Little Son’s 13th Birthday

Although I am 29 years old now but still if I don’t get to see my mother around when I wake up in the morning, I slip into a state of panic! This puts me into a thought what a 13-year-old would feel like when he’s far away from his mother, and that on his …

Zaara Chougle

Zaara Chougle from Makeup Artistry – Makeup Workshop

Zaara Chougle from Zaara C. Makeup Artistry recently conducted a makeup workshop with high tea in collaboration with Kanpur Bloggers, their social media partner. Who is Zaara Chougle? Zaara is a talented makeup artist based at the Kanpur city. She is one fine artist to get her skill polished from London Makeup School of Dubai. …

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#Numerology101: What His Birth Number Says About Him

Did you know the birth number speaks a lot about your special someone’s personality? Believe it or not, but numerology is a mystical divine theory and a powerful tool. And the best part about numerology is that you don’t need to be an ardent mathematician to learn the concept, just the basics would suffice. Before …


15 *Chaar Log Kya Kahenge* Comments EVERY Indian Girl Gets to Hear and Is Sick of Them!

“Chaar log kya kahenge” is an Indian anomaly that has succumbed more than a million dreams. If you’re an Indian girl, you probably may have got our point by now, for we’re the everyday victim to hear those ‘aunties‘ shallow opnions. By the way, who are these shallow people and where do they live? As …

Quirky Things

15 Bizarre Things to Buy For Absolutely No Reason

We both, the girls as well as the men, truly understand that there’s perhaps no therapy like retail therapy. There’s some deep inner gratification about getting your eyes stuck on a product, drool over it, fall in love and, and what? And, take it home with you. Ah! The heavens. Nevertheless, there too comes the …

Ideal Husband

10 Telltale Signs You’ve Found An Ideal Husband

There exists nothing in the world that’s called as *Perfect* or an Ideal Husband. Nevertheless, when one gets caught in the love cuffs, they tend to believe that they have found for themselves ideal spouse who’s *just-the-perfect* and embraces all that’s beautiful, good and true. And then, it’s not even *a chapter of the love …

Fashion Accessories

15 Fashion Accessories to Add a Swank to Your Outfit

“A woman makes an outfit her own with accessories.’”- Oscar De La Renta couldn’t have put it better! Ladies, whether you’re wanting to rock a basic *Outfit Of The Day* look or fulfill major fashion and style goals, your accessories are something that can either set or break your look apart. So we tracked down …

Bohemian Scarf Bun
FASHION DIY Makeup and Hairdo Tutorials Lifestyle BELLE'S SCOOP STYLE

Bohemian Scarf Bun – A Perfectly Imperfect Hairstyle to Rock the Summers

This easy breezy every day hairstyle is, literally, custom-made for the hot summers. Read out this step-by-step guide and rock your summers with this bohemian scarf bun – one of the most popular hairdo that’s so trendy this summer. Just get your hands on your favorite scarf / head wrap / bandana with some pretty …