Is Your Bread Healthy?

As we walk down the boulevard of breads at a bakery store or a supermarket, the world seems like an endless sky studded with the multigrain loaf breads, the bagel flats, and the whole-wheat rolls. While the pretty clear fact that every one is likely to be aware about- not all the breads are prepared in a same manner; not many people know the cues to pick the healthier one.

Here goes the four rules that could help you arm yourself up with a knowledge the other time when you go to a bakery shop. Not to forget, now you do not need to give a chill to your spine about this carbohydrate. “Bread could rather be an extra plus to your healthy diet“, Nutritionists suggests.

1. Look for ‘Whole’:


The whole-grain suggests a complete pack of all the goodness of a grain- germ, bran, and endosperm. You basically ought to look for the word ‘whole’ when buying breads. They are a rich source of protein, vitamins, minerals, and fibers for your body.”, suggests Dietitian and Nutritionists. If it is like you don’t like the taste of whole wheat or whole barley in particular, you could go for brown rice, whole flax, and whole oats too; distinct flavor, same nutrition.

2. If the label reads out as ‘100 per cent Whole Grain’, size it up:


The ugly fact suggests the existence of breads that claims itself ‘whole grain’ even when it qualifies the set standard with just 51 points. This is where it calls your heed to double-check the label for ‘100% whole-grain’ stamp. And if it does, your packet of bread contains an approximate of 16 grams of whole-grains per serving, says Food Research and Development officials.
You can skip burning a hole in your pocket by picking the conventional breads over the organic one; when we talk about bread, there subsists no such make-or-break factor.

3. Lesser the Ingredients it has, The Better is Bread:


You ought to look for a bread that does not have artificial or added flavors, colors, preservatives, and partially hydrogenated oil in its content. Read out loud the list of ingredients. Harder is the list of additives to pronounce, the more it is unhealthy. “One should chuck a product that is giving them high fructose corn syrup, or the trans fats“, recommends Nutritionists.

4) Inculcate to Your Diet Fiber-Rich Food:


When we talk about food that keeps us full, contribute to a healthy bowel movement, and improvise the well-being of our gut- fiber rich diet turns up as a key role player. Whole grains are intact with the fiber-rich endosperms. “One should inculcate at least 25 grams of fiber per day, and a fraction of your daily grain consumption should be whole-grains“, suggests the US Dietary Guidelines. You need to check the fiber content that a slice of bread has, and anything over three grams would do good.

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