​6 Easy-Breezy Hacks to Chuck the Eye Bags

eye bags

Improper or unbalanced diet, over-stress, sleep deprivation, hormonal imbalance or changes are all common factors that leads your eyes to swell. And if not paid heed, these may eventuate as the under eye bags, making you look aged.

Although there are a copious number of products available in the market to meet the need, why not kiss them a goodbye when nature is blessing you with the freebies? Try out these easy breezy hacks to get rid of the pesky under eye bags.

1. Get Instant Relief with Cold Spoons:

eye bags

This is a simplest trick to promote skin tightening and also, help the blood vessels around the eyes to calm and relax. Grab a metal spoon and refrigerate it for 10 to 15 minutes. Place the curved part of the chilled spoon against your eyes. Voila! Here you get a glaring roll back of those creaky eye bags.

2. Scale Down the Puffiness with Green Tea Bags:

eye spa at home

Green tea has antioxidants in its content that helps ease the under eye bags instantly. Here all you need to do is refrigerate a used tea bag for 10-15 minutes, place them over your eyelids, rest and relax. Repeat this treatment several times a week to fetch quick and best results.

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3. Go Easy on Salt Laden Food:

puffy eyes

Do not consume salty food because they are many a time directly connected to the morning-after puffiness.

4. Use Cold Compress of Cucumbers and Potatoes:

eye spa at home

Take two slices of fresh and cool cucumber/potato. Place them on your eyes for half an hour. Relax. Culminate the treatment by splashing your face and your eyes with cold water. Dry up your face using a towel. Ahoy there! The freshly revived eyes.

5. Egg Whites’ Mask – The Best Shot:

eye spa at home

The egg whites’ make a terrific skin-tightening mask, keeping the wrinkles and the eye bags at bay. Beat the egg whites’ vigorously to prepare yourself the mask. Apply it around your eyes using a brush. Leave it on for 15 minutes. Wash off your face thoroughly with lukewarm water.

6. Remove Makeup Before Bed:

eye bags

Never hit the sheet with makeup on. Never do that! This is greatly harassing to your skin and your eyes. Resultantly, the torture leads to skin-aging, under eye bags, and dark circles.

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