Five Makeup Hacks for a Neutral Look

Makeup Hacks

The situation is peculiar enough for all the ladies to wake up and get themselves launched into a beauty regime that is, sometimes, a fun thing-to-do. Albeit, on the days when you slept late, or you wake up with a terrible breakout, or may be when you no more want to see the coverage of those artificial layers clogging your pores; wearing make-up could be woeful. Going barefaced would be the option you would prefer to go for on the days of the kind, but knowing a few makeup hacks could be your savior when you do want a little bit of coverage, and that flawless neutral look.

Explore the product items that will fetch you the look you love and, the make-up that doesn’t look made up.

Makeup Hacks

1) Toss out the Foundations, Pick up the Tinted Sunscreens:

Why clog the pores when you can get that little coverage along with protection to the skin? You can try La Roche Posay Anthelios 50 Mineral Tinted Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid 50Ml. It is a light mineral sunscreen that protects and nourishes your skin. And because it is universally tinted, you can dump those harsh foundations without suffocating your skin and without straining your eyes in knowing the right shade. Yes! It is one shade that works for all.

Makeup Hacks

2) Get Your Hands on a Healthy Blush

With blushers, there’s a very fine line that can make you look either healthily flushed or a clown all set to give a performance at the big top stage. The new Lipstick Queen Frog Prince Cream Blush 2.2g is your rescue to the trouble. Again, the blusher in a chimerical green shade customizes itself to the natural PH level of the skin, thus, giving you a natural pink hue. And of course, with its ethereal and build-able Finnish you do not need to panic if the application gets an over-do.

Makeup Hacks

3) Switch to the Natural Hue

The Lipstick Queen Lipstick – Frog Prince… is formulated with ingredients like shea butter that nourishes to your lips and, the Vitamin E that gives a soothing effect. Furthermore, it is rich with antioxidants in its content that makes your lips look and also, get a feel of being supple, healthy and, soft. It comes in chimerical green shade with a glossy tint that adapts to the PH of your lips, leaving you with a natural pink hue. The product doesn’t make your lips look goopy or get a feel of dried cake been applied over them.

Makeup Hacks

4) Define Your Brows Rightly

Getting your hands on a perfect eyebrow pencil is pretty much like extracting the Goldilocks from the makeup alley. You need a shade that is neither too dark nor too light, but just the one right as rain. Try It Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Brow Pencil (Travel-Size). This product is universal to all shades of the brow colors. Also, it covers those roasted gray brows wriggling there. Comprised of Biotins and Vitamin A, C and, E, the pencil also nourishes your brows, thereby, preventing the fallout and its sparseness.

Makeup Hacks

5) Define your Lashes with Nourishment

If your humdrum mascara is fetching you a flaky, clumpy and, not-so-natural look; opt it out. Grab the blinc Lash Primer, which is basically a primer that looks like mascara. It is black and has panthenol in its content, which is another form of vitamin B5. The product nurtures your lashes and keeps them healthy with a light and subtle definition.

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