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This is until a couple of years ago, the bollywood industry was adamant about letting in the female makeup-up artists. Reason? First, there prevailed sexism – an archaic law that restricted women from working in bollywood; the practice breathe freedom just the quadrennium ago, when the Supreme Court of India, in the year 2014, lifted a 6 decade old informal ban on women working as the make-up artists in the bollywood industry. Second, there was a strong pattern of ‘favouritism’ – every A-lister had a ‘chosen-one’, and, therefore, breaking into the industry could mean years and years of trying. And so, being bollywood’s most successful makeup artist – which is what Namrata Soni is – means substance!

Namrata Soni studied at Delamar Academy of Makeup in London. She has been trotting out the brushes and the sponges for 16 sixteen years now. She was fined quite a many times when she tried to battle against the discriminatory law. “I was 21, it was a male-dominated industry, and I had to work doubly hard. I did free magazine shoots for a year before I started getting assignments“, tells Namrata Soni.

Today, Namrata’s list of clients includes bollywood’s big celebrities like Deepika Padukone, Sonakshi Sinha, and Shruti Haasan. She exists on Sonam Kapoor‘s speed-dial and Insta-feed (and is a girl behind her amazing Cannes looks).

Also, she is the L’Oréal Paris Beauty Expert. And, this is not it. She also has big-budget films to her credits: Main Hoon Na, Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, Om Shanti Om, and Aisha. For her ‘creative fix’, Soni turns up to fashion. Her myriad of editorials, campaigns and covers for leading fashion magazines like Vogue, Lofficiel, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and Marie Claire are proof! ​

Be it the bird’s eye eyeliner or the multiple braids weaved together for a hairdo, she’s an expert at them all. From collaborations to introducing her own line of false lashes (with Wynk lashes) or make-up pouches (with Pipa Bella), the lady is now on fire to spread her wings over all the beauty horizons.

In an exclusive interview with Hale and Belle, the celebrity makeup artist, Namrata Soni, speaks about her favorite makeup tricks and the picks, favorite beauty brands, her ultimate go-to products and, the makeup mistakes one should avoid.

Q1: What is the best way to cover up skin concerns, such as wrinkles, with makeup?

A1: Wrinkles will always get accentuated with makeup. So, the ideal way to make your way through the issue is to properly moisturize your face. Proceed by using a cream based, moisturizing foundation. Apply a translucent powder very lightly all over to set the makeup.

Q2: What are the worst makeup mistakes women over 40 commit, and what should they do instead?

A2: The biggest mistake is to use too much highlighter, glitters and shimmers, and an excess of foundation. Keeping it simple and fresh is the key. Use cream-based eye shadows and a cream liner. Lift the corner of the eyes with eye makeup. Don’t wear too much of any one thing. Keep up with the right balance of all.

Q3: What is the one product you can’t work without?

A3: Okay. So the one product I cannot do without is my makeup primer and eye cream.

Q4: Does makeup cause wrinkles?

A4: No, makeup doesn’t cause wrinkles at all.
When a majority holds firm belief about makeup setting one towards the clogged pores and fast-ageing skin; Namrata Soni had chalk and cheese to unfold.

But okay, yeah! This definitely had to be as much as a brownie for the makeup enthusiasts, as hard as it could be for rest others. The theory backing it up though has a digestible logic.

“Itis not actually the makeup that takes you towards your skin ageing process but improper skin care regimen. Be it the makeup or the environmental pollutants, it does get accumulate on your skin the entire day and slowly seep within your pores, thus, breaking the collagen and elastin. This amplifies the ageing process and cause you fine lines and wrinkles. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you ensure your skin is cleansed and moisturized every night before bed.”, adds Namrata Soni.

So yeah, as long as we apply and, remove makeup the right way, makeup could do no harm. Plus, it also equally counts on the quality of the products you use. The high-quality makeup products designed specific to your skin types, in fact, could do more good than harm. Namrata recommends mineral makeup because the product then, stays on skin’s surface, not clogging the skin pores. It, thus, creates a barrier against the dirt and environmental pollutants.

We, however, must have heard or read a several times that makeup doesn’t allow our skin breathe. But, hey! Skin ain’t lungs. Why would it breathe?

According to MUA Namrata Soni, it is important to double-cleanse the skin when wearing makeup. Also, it is very, VERY important to take off the makeup before bed. With the makeup on during bed, it goes difficult for the skin to shed dead cells properly. Plus, to slumber with makeup gets you not only the clogged pores, skin irritation, breakouts and rough skin texture; but also, it leads to premature signs of skin ageing as well as bacterial buildup.

Also, it is strongly suggested to get better at cleaning your makeup tools – brushes and blending sponges. Makeup tools can carry hordes of bacteria which, if not cleaned properly and in regular intervals, can cause a serious skin damage. Also, the dirt build up on the makeup tools cause them to deteriorate quicker, affecting your makeup application as well. Use a spray cleanser every week; and to deep cleanse your tools, make use of brush shampoo once every month. Finally, SPF’s should stay your friend in the days and the rains, the nights and the shines. Wear SPF daily, even if your CC creams or the foundations have added SPF.

Q5: Can I wear foundation everyday? How do I stop it from slipping off?

A5: Yes! Of course, you can wear makeup everyday and, a good primer that suits your skin type will allow your makeup to last longer and stay fresh. Primer creates a barrier between the skin and the makeup, thus, preventing the oxidization and the makeup meltdown as well.

Q6: Does wearing makeup damage your skin?

A6: Makeup has no significant negative effect to the skin. It, however, depends from person to person. A common ingredient in the product can contribute to different skin reactions. Fragrances or preservatives in the products are the most common factors to causing skin reactions. Proper skin care regimen if been followed, can help prevent any skin damage.

Q7: Does makeup make you look older?

A7: No, not at all. In fact, if you wear right products suiting your skin type employing the right techniques, it will make you look youthful and fresh. Minimal approach to aesthetics is always appealing. Use less makeup and wear soft shades like the pinks or the corals on the eyes and the cheeks for a more younger look.

Q8: Does mineral makeup help acne?

A8: Yes! Mineral makeup is, in fact, a deemed ideal product to use if you have acne. This is because the product includes only natural minerals. Also, the benefits that it provides are countless. Also, mineral makeup is free of fragrance, oils, and preservatives – the three culprits contributing to irritation and aggravated acnes. Majority of the mineral-based makeup products are non-comedogenic, which implies they don’t clog the skin pores.

Q9: If Namrata Soni wouldn’t have been a Makeup Artist, then what she would have chosen as a profession?

A9: I would have been an economist or a pilot.

Q10: Your favorite color lipshade, according to you, that goes with any look be it professional, casual?

A10: My favourite lip colour is a nude pink. It goes with everything and anything.

Q11. You have worked with a lot of celebrities and beautified their faces. Among all of them, who has been your

A11: Sonam Kapoor and Radhika Apte.

Q12: What comes first: Foundation or Concealer?

A12: Concealer, always!

Q13: What is your current morning skincare routine?

A13: Wash my face with a mild face wash. Apply a moisturizer with sun screen and yes, an eye cream as well.

Q14: What is your current night skincare routine?

A14: No7 – Boots followed by CTM.

Q15: What makeup can we always find in your bag?

A15: BB cream, an eye brow pencil, mascara and, a lash curler.

Q16: What is your ‘everyday’ Makeup?

A16: A very simple, graceful and easy makeup, or better to say ‘grooming’, using a light BB cream, eye brow pencil, blush and, mascara.

Q17: Current Makeup trend you CAN’T stand?

A17: The ‘no make up look’ is boring. A little eye makeup is fun, sometimes. Aint’t it?

Q18: Who do you admire most?

A18: My family for standing by me.



HB: Pizza or Ice Cream:
Namrata: Pizza

HB: Sephora or Ulta:
Namrata: Sephora

HB: Neutrals or Colors:
Namrata: Colors

HB: Dogs or Cats:
Namrata: Dogs

HB: Pencil or Liquid Eyeliner:
Namrata: Pencil

HB: Lipstick or Lipgloss:
Namrata: Lipstick

HB: Cake or Cookies:
Namrata: Cakes

HB: High-end or Drugstore:
Namrata: Both

HB: Sedan or SUV:
Namrata: Sedan

HB: Straight or Wavy Hair:
Namrata: Straight

HB: Blonde or Brunette:
Namrata: Brunette

HB: Salty or Sweet:
Namrata: Salty

HB: Bath or Shower:
Namrata: Shower

HB: Netflix or Hulu:
Namrata: Both

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