7 Cues To Relieve Dry Eyes

Do you suffer the itchy, dry eyes? Well, allergies, weather conditions, and air pollution could be the most common culprits. However, ageing is yet another. As we shoot ahead the age slope, we get susceptible to developing chronic dry eyes. The risk is veritably more high when you are undergoing the menopause.

Give allegiance to these 6 simple things, and your eyes will see the world happily.

1) Take a break from the computer.

Your eyes get liable to paying a heavy levy when you choose to sit in front of computers and idiot boxes all through the day. Looking for a longer time at something very close to your eyes, drains all the moisture from them than looking at the distant objects. Let breathe the space for a short break from those screens for one minute every hour, suggests optometrists. Also, you could follow an expert recommended rule ’20-20-20′; where, at every 20 minutes of an hour you are advised to shell out 20 seconds gazing at an object that is 20 feet away.

2) Use Over-The-Counter ‘Artificial Tears’ Eye Drops

You can use OTC lubricating eye drops. The drops are to be used every couple of hours. Usage of these over-the-counter drops can help you in keeping the eyes hydrated. However, you should make sure that the eye drop you use does not have preservatives as it can cause irritation to the eyes.

3) Sift Out The omega-3 Fatty Acids

There’s nothing that these healthy fish oils could not do. The EPA and DHA kinds of Omega 3’s are found in certain fishes while the ALA omega-3 are found in nuts and seeds.

You could also avail its benefit from the OTC Supplements like seven-seas cod liver oil. Consumption of these fatty acids help the body to mark down all its inflammation- especially the one in eyes, which is the primary cause of dry eye, recommends optometrists.

4) Ride Herd on Your Medicines

There are several medications, for instance antihistamines to treat allergies, that cause your eyes to dry up for the reason of they been designed toAero

Certain medications, such as antihistamines for allergies, cause dry eyes because they’re designed to dry out your sinuses. Some birth control pills can also lead to dry eye. Ask your doc if there are less drying medication options.

5) Environmental Factors

Drier the environment, drier the eyes. Use a humidifier to maintain an environment that is suitable to your eyes, advises expert optometrists.

6) Limit The Use of Contact Lenses

Using contact lenses for longer periods could tax major to your peepers. Go easy on them. Wear contact lenses only when there’s a real need. Get them off immediately once you reach home to give your eyes a rest.

7) Try Out These Eye Massages:

Experts recommends practicing these two massages to earn a relief:

Massage 1:

  1. Do warm up by rubbing your palm together vigorously.
  2. With the heels of your palms placed over the cheeks, scoop the hands over both the eyes. Inhale deeper.
  3. Slowly move your hands slightly higher and apply pressure onto your eyes with the heels of your palm.
  4. Stop for a moment. Release.

Massage 2:

  1. Use your thumbs to gently massage your eyebrows. Begin massage from the mid-point of your brows and move towards the temples.
  2. Repeat step 1, now, by using your fingertips applying light pressure to the same points.
  3. Open eyes widely and inhale-exhale deeply while you relax. .

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