4 Terribly Nutritious Seeds That You Must Incorporate to Your Diet, Today!

nutritious seeds

Seeds are abundant in nutritional value. A small pinch of them is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients. Also they turn up as an easy ingredient that could be introduced into any diet. Yes! You don’t need to revamp the whole of your diet but incorporate a little change into the schedule that you’re already running over. This is a pretty much easier change that one could easily begin with. No dieting, no revamped diet – just eat clean with zero deprivation while you watch out your metabolism makeover helping you shed off those muffin tops, love handles, and all the other extra pounds. All you need to do is dash a little of those nutritious seeds over smoothie, salads, or the main course of your usual menu.

If you want to inculcate to your diet a more of fibers, protein, or other health-boosting minerals, you could consider incorporating these nutritious seeds to your meals.

1. Chia Seeds:

The most common issue that nutritionists and dietitians figure out in their practice, when working with clients, is that their diet lacks fiber. Chia seeds procure approximately 11 grams of fibers per ounce and this makes chia seeds the pole star of all the nutritious seeds’ constellation. “The more your diet is rich in fibers, lower is the risk to chronic illness. Also, it keeps a check on your blood sugar levels”, suggests nutritionists. Try them as Chia pudding or you could mix them into meatballs too.
Nutritional Value Per Oz: 11g Fiber, 9g Fats, 4g Proteins.

2. Pumpkin Seeds:

Pumpkin seeds are packed with magnesium – the key nutrient to a healthy heart. Also, pumpkin seeds have been used as a natural remedy for enlarged prostrates since ages for they are composed of compounds called pytosterols. Dry roast the seeds, and enjoy them for a quick snack. Alternatively, you could try baking a delicious pumpkin bread with a little crunch.
Nutritional Value Per Oz: 7g Protein, 1g Fiber, 13g Fats.

3. Hemp Seeds:

Hemp seeds are packed with all the 9 vital amino acids and so, they are a perfect vegetarian substitute to protein-rich non-vegetarian foods. They indeed backs a place for itself among the top 5 high-protein food that nutritionists would recommend you to incorporate more and more in your diet. Also, hemp seeds are bundled up with omega-3 and has got magnesium and iron rolling in it.
Nutritional value Per 1oz: 20g protein, 1g fiber, 13g fats.

4. Flax Seeds:

Flax seeds shares its space in the market in both its forms – whole and ground. However, grounded flax seeds are best absorbed by the body than the whole seeds. Like hemp seeds and pumpkin seeds, flax seeds too are a rich source of magnesium and iron. Also, flax seeds embrace a great source of aplha-linolenic acid which is a kind of omega-3 fatty acids that aids in reducing chronic inflammation. (Suffering Arthritis? Munch a morsel of these nature’s blessing every day and it will help ease your inflammation and the pathetic pain). You can keep the seeds stored in refrigerator to extend its viridity and keep them fresher for a longer time.
Nutritional Value Per 1oz: 5g protein, 8g fiber, 12g fat.

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