Know the Difference Between BB Creams, CC Creams, DD, EE, and PP Creams

bb creams

The BB creams have nowadays become a rage. It managed to fetch laurels for itself in quiet a small time bracket. BB Creams are crafted to revitalize and renew the skin cells that deteriorated with all the cosmetic procedures.

In the recent years, the cosmetic market has been cherishing the emanation of several other creams similar to BB’s: CC, PP, DD, and EE creams. Read down to understand the line of difference between these five kinds of creams and what kind of skin is each cream best suited to.

1. BB Creams:

“Beauty Balm” abbreviates the BB Creams. It is an all-in-one cream that replaces serums, moisturizers, sunblocks, primer, and foundation. BB creams, suitable for any skin type, moisturizes the skin and helps soothing the irritations, if any. Also, BB creams work out like light foundations and gives you instant glow.

You can try : Maybelline New York Clear Glow BB Cream

2) CC Creams:
“Color Control”, “Color Corrector”, “Complexion Care” are all what that CC stands for. If you have sallow, unhealthy, red, or sore-looking facial skin; CC creams, especially designed for the same, is the right pick for you. CC creams have kinds of element in its content that revives the skin and gives it a a smooth and even texture. They are not suitable for oily or problematic skin types.

3) DD Creams:
DD denotes “Daily Defense”. These creams help shield your skin from UV rays and dirt pollutants. They nurture your skin, however, a great usage could be detrimental too as they tend to block up the skin pores. DD creams works best for aged skin.

You can try: Lakme Silk Naturelle Daily Foundation – An ideal DD Cream enriched with the goodness of sunscreen, cucumber extracts, and vitamin E.

4) PP Creams:
The letters PP stands together for “Pink Perfect”. These creams are used as a makeup base. It contains silicon particles that help in balancing out the uneven skin, thus, making it look smooth and even. PP creams are suitable for all the skin types. They ought to be used along with other face products too. A layer of tonal cream is always suggested to be applied over the top of PP Creams.

5) EE Creams:
EE creams are the “Extra Exfoliation” creams formulated to flake off the dead cells and encourage skin cells renewal. Also, the EE creams protects your skin from the harmful UV rays and moisturizes it. There are several other EE creams that combines the defense from sun as well as the acne. Nevertheless, these kinds of creams are not supposed to be used oftentimes. EE creams are not suitable for people with thin or sensitive skin.

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