5 Mistakes You’re Probably Making Every Time You Remove Makeup

remove makeup

You may have cracked the trick to do the makeup rightly. You may have figured out the idea to charm people with your radiance and glow. Your perfect anti-ageing lotion and eye cream may surely have captured their place in your dressing drawer. And yes, sunscreen lotions may have become your best bet. But if you believe you have mastered the technique all correct, you are certainly barking up the wrong tree. What you might have missed on is the improper technique to remove makeup which is a green thumb to the fine lines and wrinkles. Here goes the gentle techniques unveiled by professional makeup artist that shall be the savior to your skin.

1. You Don’t Wipe Out All The Makeup Before Bed:

remove makeup

You surely must be familiar with this. However, if you may know the actual need to wash off the makeup at night it shall convince you its significance. All through the day your skin is exposed to pollutants like dirt, soot, car exhaustant, et cetera. This activates the free radicals that in turn results to the break down of collagen in the skin. This causes inflammation to your skin resulting into fine lines over time. Free radicals tend to hang onto your makeup, artists’ explains. This is where it actually calls for its significance to wipe out all the makeup (and all the gross particles) properly before you hit the sheets, to stay clear of all the signs of ageing and to head off the skin pores from getting clogged.

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2. You Do Not Swap Your Towel On A Regular Basis:

remove makeup

The free radicals not just cling to your dirty skin but, to your towel as well. Make it a practice to change your face towel every day or two so as to keep all the dirt, germs, and other gross particles at bay- and do toodle-oo to the fine lines and the wrinkles that they could do.

3. You’re A Boorish Lady Who Scrubs Rudely:

remove makeup

Eye lashes are indigenous to defining eyes, and when you curl or redefine them with a mascara, they render you a more younger look. How could you be insensitive to them? When you rub your eyes indecently to remove the mascara, it causes a damage to your lashes which can also make them fall out, says makeup artists’. Instead, you should use a clean, disposable, hygienic cotton pad and an oil-based makeup remover. L’Occitane Immortelle Precious Cleansing Foam – 150ml/5.1oz is a recommended oil-based makeup remover for eyes and face that gently wipes out all the makeup, even the waterproof mascara.

4. You’re Devoted to Using Wipes Needlessly:

remove makeup

Makeup removing face wipes helps you extract all the makeup and gross particles from your skin- this is the biggest MYTH that one could digest. Awful it is, but yes! Wipes takes off just the visible makeup from your face. And that’s not even done completely. Moreover, the material perhaps is non-organic that is irritating and scratchy. It causes the skin around your eyes to dry out which in turn gives rise to the fine lines and makes crow’s feet even more visible, experts’ suggests. Alternatively, you should go for a moisturizing makeup remover, and dare not to go to bed before you wash off your face properly.

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5. Your Cleanser is Perhaps Disturbing and Harsh:

remove makeup

Foaming face washes or cleansers may have harsh detergents in its content. This can rip out the moisture from the skin surface, thus, making them dry and wrinkled. Experts recommend to check the formula and shrink from ingredients such as sulfates, synthetic fragrances, and alcohol. A cleansing oil or a creamy cleanser like Olay Age Defying Daily Renewal Cleanseror Dermalogica Age Smart Skin Resurfacing Cleanser could be a smart choice that one settles for. These kind of products helps you extract all the makeup and dirt, and deep clean the skin without over-drying it. After cleaning your face with the cleanser, rinse your face thoroughly with warm water and follow with an alcohol-free skin toner (try : Ren Rosa Centifolia 3-in-1 Cleansing Water, 200 ml). Toner helps you remove anything that you might have missed and leaves your skin well-hydrated and softened.

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