6 Home Remedies to Prevent Skin-Ageing, Wrinkles and Age Spots

prevent skin-ageing

There’s hardly any individual who would spare on an effort to lay over skin-aging and wrinkles. And for this purpose, you need not burn a hole in your pocket and stretch for pricey treatments, products and procedures. The key to address the issue lies right in your kitchen. Here are 6 of the best home remedies to prevent skin-aging, wrinkles and age spots:

1. Olive Oil and Honey:

Olive oil is rich with several essential vitamins that helps keep the wrinkles at bay. Olive oil when fused with honey, flawlessly complements together to prevent skin-aging. Try out this remedy today, and you will snap up a rejuvenated skin in a month or two.


Take 1 tbsp of honey, and 1 tbsp of olive oil. Mix them up thoroughly. Store in an air-tight glass jar. You can apply this mixture daily, twice a day, by rubbing it gently over your skin.

2. Fenugreek:

With vitamins and minerals held dear, Fenugreek is yet another proven home remedy that holds down the emergence of wrinkles, age spots, and lines on your skin.

Grind one cup of fenugreek seeds with a little water to form a thick paste. Apply this paste as an overnight face pack, leaving it undisturbed. Next morning, rinse your face with a Luke warm water. Follow the regimen daily and you will see the desired result soon.

3. Yogurt:

Yogurt is a star ingredient that you should not shut-eye to when combating skin ageing and wrinkles. It has lactic acid in its content that is highly effective in cell renewal and regeneration. Try out this natural remedy today!

Take half cup of thick yogurt. Apply it on your face. Let it stay on for half an hour. Rinse your face with cold water. Repeat daily and the result will leave you delighted.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar:
Apple Cider Vinegar has strong astringent properties compact with it. This property is highly effective in reducing/combating the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. Also, vinegar helps in maintaining a proper PH balance of the skin.

Take a spray bottle and add in to it one cup of water and half cup of apple cider vinegar. Mix well. Spray over the content on your face and gently rub it. Do this every day and keep the skin-ageing and wrinkles at bay.

5. Papaya Mask:

Papaya is a natural antioxidant that do wonders to the skin. When doing up the anti-ageing treatment with natural remedies, the list would go incomplete if papaya mask does not show up in the checklist.

Take one ripe papaya. Roughly cut it up into small slices and mash them to a fine paste. Apply this paste on your face and let it stay on undisturbed for over 20 minutes. Wash off your face with a lukewarm water.

6. Rose Water, Lemon Juice and Glycerin:

Rose water is a superb natural astringent that helps the skin preserve its elasticity. And this, when combined with rose-water and glycerin, preserves the youthfulness of the skin.

Take 1 tsp each of glycerin and lemon juice and 2 tsp of rose-water. Mix together all the three ingredients properly. Take a cotton ball and dip it into the mixture. Gently rub the cotton ball all over your face daily, at bedtime.

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