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A Step by Step Guide to Achieve an Aesthetic Day Makeup Look

An Exclusive Story by Hale and Belle with MUA Ritika Sial So You Get your Makeup Game on Point the Next Day Event you Attend Hale and Belle had lately been a part of the Personality Development / Grooming and Makeup Seminar conducted by an esteemed MUA and Stylist Ritika Sial and a Delhi based …

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Feature Story: The Personality Development / Grooming and Makeup Seminar by Ritika Sial and Gomit Chopra

“She wears makeup, they moan and groan about. She is an unnatural, the fake hellcat – they kick up the fuss.” – Neisha Arora Makeup have had always been considered a taboo – a bizarre often held upon by the lads and the ladies to conceal their flaws. But no! Things aren’t always actually the …