A Step by Step Guide to Achieve an Aesthetic Day Makeup Look

An Exclusive Story by Hale and Belle with MUA Ritika Sial

So You Get your Makeup Game on Point the Next Day Event you Attend

Hale and Belle had lately been a part of the Personality Development / Grooming and Makeup Seminar conducted by an esteemed MUA and Stylist Ritika Sial and a Delhi based Makeup Artist and Fashion Influencer Gomit Chopra. The event was organized by the Artistry Workshops’ where there were two more associated icons of their field – Dr. Mamta Bhura, one of the leading Dermatologists for the skin talk and Ronita Modi, Life Coach to share us enriching success stories.

The two makeup artists – Ritika Sial and Gomit Chopra presented us a live makeup session for two different looks – aesthetic day makeup look and the stunning night look.

As promised, we’re up with a step to step guide for the soft and subtle aesthetic day makeup look done by Ritika Sial on the beautiful model ‘Aashira‘.

day makeup look
Photo Courtesy : Sanskriti Shukla

Read down to try out the one on you. You can thank us later!

Step 1: Moisturize to Revitalize:

Moisturizing your skin before you jump over to makeup application is really an integral part. Without the skin been properly moisturized, makeup products like the concealer and the foundations fail to do with their task – creating a clear, smoother, and even canvas. This is because if you’ve a dry skin, concealers and foundations tend to sit over bumps or flakes, and infact cake into lines which rather look horrible. Nivea soft creme is a popular choice among several Makeup Artists. “Nivea soft is an unsurpassed classic among skin moisturizing creams. This is one of my key product that I use to polish my beauties to smoothness before dolling them up with makeup. It can be used almost for all skin types.“, tells Ritika Sial.

Day Makeup Look
Photo Courtesy : Sanskriti Shukla

Step 2: Prep and Prime:

Face mists are the products that, when applied post moisturization and prior to makeup, helps you get a more hydrated and smooth canvas. They help cool and refresh your skin, create a very well hydrated base together with a natural looking sheen on the face. Prep + Prime by MAC cosmetics is one such product, adored and embraced by many makeup artists. “It is a myth to say makeup setting sprays can be used ONLY AFTER makeup. Setting sprays when applied BEFORE makeup too gives you a sheen you can’t ignore. It preps your skin, hydrate and set it for a longer lasting makeup. It should be applied both – before and after makeup“, recommends the Artist with us.

Step 3: Create a Base:

Foundations are the most essential armors in our vanity boxes. The more good our foundations are, more fabulous are the makeup base we create. Bobbi Brown’s foundations is our MUA Ritika Sial’s favorite pick. She uses Bobbi Brown 6.5 Warm Almond on her model to create an aesthetic day makeup look. “Girls, generally to look fairer, tend to opt for shades which doesn’t actually match their skin tone. This is wrong. It creates an artificial, unnatural looking face. You must always swatch the foundation products at your jawline. The one that perfectly or nearly matches your skin tone – it is the only shade you must go for.“, suggests Ritika.

Step 4: Conceal and Correct:

Concealers are yet one among many of the must have makeup products in your vanity boxes. Not only it does conceal your blemishes, dark circles or any other flaws – but also they were designed to help you create a base for your eye shadows. Eye shadows never were to be applied directly onto the skin – if you do, it simply either won’t blend or would not last. NYX Concealer is MUA Ritika Sial’s favorite pick. “The product helps open up the dull-looking eyes for a fresh, well-rested look.“, reveals us MUA Ritika Sial.

Step 5: Fixing Powders in the Scene:

The fixing powder products are the key to lasting and waterproof concealers. They also are suitable to fixing foundations and also the lipsticks for hours and more. These fixing powders are applied post concealers using the powder puff or the brush. MAC Studio Fix NC 30 / 35 is one of the top rated fixing powder, used by many makeup artists and beauty influencers’ to create a strong base.

Step 6: Bake to Abide it:

Baking the makeup is one of the smartest thing to do. The term ‘bake the makeup’ refers to letting the translucent powder sit on your face for at least 5 to 10 minutes. The process allows the heat from your face to set your base – foundation and concealer, for a crease-less and smoother finish. A thick coat of translucent powder goes under the under the eyes, bridge of the nose, cheekbones, chin, and the forehead to bake your makeup. Prep + Prime Transparent Powder by MAC Cosmetics is the key here.

Step 7: Pressed Powder in the Role:

Post setting powder, pressed powder comes in role. It helps blur all the fine lines and the pores for a super flawless and extra perfect look. This measure is best suitable for the situations when you got to be photographed a lot or otherwise it is not pretty much essential for everyday makeup. Recommended product by RitikaMAC Pro Long Wear Pressed Powder.

Step 8: Highlighter to Get Glowy:

Highlighters are a total bliss. They help you get that natural glisten shining just the right. However, if highlighting not done right, it can rather make you look a disco ball. Therefore, it is always recommended to pick on a highlighter product that coordinates to your skin tone. The highlighters are best applied using a small, fluffy brush. And, the highlighter product that goes in MUA Ritika Sial’s vanity box is Soft and Gentle Highlighter by MAC Cosmetics. Highlights should go at the highest plans of the face that includes the brow bone, cheeks, bridge of the nose, and the cupid’s bow. And, if any time you get over do the highlighter, here’s a pro tip by MUA Ritika Sial to counteract it – “using a brush, softly dust the contour powder over the highlighted areas that you accidentally got overboard with the highlighter product“.

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Step 9: Time to Blush Blush:

Here, Gleeful Mineralize Blush by MAC Cosmetics occupies the space in Ritika’s vanity box. Alternatively, you can also try MAC Mineralize Blush – Naturally Flawless. The baked minerals in this blush product, that been refined into a powder form, gets you a light coverage on the apple of your cheeks, layer after layer, without a heavy coverage.

Step 10: Bronze and Contour:

Bronzing and Contouring is the makeup art that helps sculpt your facial volumes. The art varies from face to face. (Read here to know The Technique to Contour Your Face Right as per Your Face Shape.) Kiko Milano Bronzed to Contour is the product that bags all the love from our MUA here.

Step 11: Life is too Boring to Wear Bright Shades:

For a soft, subtle, and aesthetic day makeup look – Huda Beauty Non-transfer Lipstick in Nude is a way to go, believes Ritika Sial, an esteemed Kanpur based Makeup Artist and Stylist.

Step 12: Hit the Makeup Game with Lasting Spray:

So, it doesn’t melt, break or fallout – makeup setting sprays rather occupies an inevitable space in the artists’ as well as the beauty bloggers vanity boxes. They’re much much essential to set your flawless look with a polished matte finish. And here, Ritika does her makeup game last long with the Nyx Matte Finish Lasting Spray.

Step 13: For Eyes to Get a Dimension:

Huda Desert Dusk Palette is the most most loved eye shadow palette. The artists and the beauty bloggers just adore for it’s super pigmented shades. To add dimension to the eyes for a subtle day makeup – MUA Ritika opts for the same product.

Step 14: The Brows done Right:

Brows are often overlooked, however, they’re the asset that holds all the power to either make it or break it. Mind it! Correcting / filling the brows with BLACK shades is yet another blunder girls do. It is always recommended to do your eyebrows with DARK BROWN shade than black, even if you have black hair or otherwise it would rather make you look wicked. But in case, your hair are lighter than brown, settle for an eyebrow shade that goes in the harmony. Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow in Dark Brown is Ritika’s favorite product pick.

Step 15: Liner to End with:

Pretty fine lines done with some amazing eye liner – you get all set to slay! MAC Black Liner goes in Ritika Sial’s vanity box for the same.

Day Makeup Look
Photo Courtesy : Sanskriti Shukla

This is it! Slay in your next daytime event with this Aesthetic Day Makeup Look.

Day Makeup Look
Photo Courtesy : Sanskriti Shukla

Do try this aesthetic look by MUA Ritika Sial and drop us your reviews here.
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Also, the stunner night look created by Gomit Chopra is next in the row!

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