Waxing 101: All that You would want to Know about the Rica Waxing

Rica Waxing

The post-wax sessions often eventuates with a serious attack of rashes and redness. Rosin, also known as the colophony, is the sap or sticky substance that derives from the pine or spruce trees. Its “stickiness” attributes makes it a popular ingredient been used by several companies producing hair removal waxes. Colophony is also a well-known skin sensitizer and the cause to allergic dermatitis. Here, Rica Waxing is a boon that comes free of this ingredient.

What is Rica Wax?

It is all-the-way a natural wax that comes from Italy. The italian-based beauty professionals makes use of vegetable oil base blended with glyceryl rosinate (the sticky substance). This combination makes the Rica Wax the most effective and quality hair removal measure with less pain. Rica wax is gentle and gives a nourishing anti-inflammatory care.

Rica comes up with wax customized to the skin type:

  • Normal Skin Types – Titanium
  • Dry Skin Types – Olive Oil
  • Sensitive Skin Types – Milk, Argan Oil

And then, there comes two more:

How is Rica Waxing Done?

Step 1: The beauty professional will apply Rica’s cotton milk pre-wax gel onto your body part. This application helps in cleansing and making the skin get prepared for hair removal. This gel ensures proper sticking of the wax. Also, it sanitizes your skin so as to keep infection of the follicles at bay.

Step 2: The beauty professional will now apply Rica’s liposoluble wax. And the most happy part – this wax doesn’t have to be heated and so, no more burnings. Yay! With the wonderful goodness there’s indeed another that’s true to their calm – a finer grip on the hair that removes the hair in just one pull. No more iterates, no more re-applying – pulling – tugging. Phew!

Step 3: Post waxing session, you’ll see a thin, film-like wax stuck onto the skin. Here, the beauty professional will apply coconut after-wax emulsion to clear away the residual wax.

Step 4: This last step involves Rica’s aloe vera after-wax application to soothe and moisturize your stressed skin and to reduce any redness or rashes.

This Italian Rica Waxing may cost you around 600 INR for both arms. Rica waxing is costlier than the regular waxing, after all it has to be imported from Italy. Moreover, all the ingredients and products used – they too call for that. Give them a try in your nearby salon. And if, the service doesn’t happen to be provided by your nearby salons, you can buy individual Rica Waxing products been retailed by the Indian online websites, such as Nykaa.

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