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How to Take Care of the Keratin Treated Hair

It is quiet apparent about your hairstylist giving you sufficient tips on how to take care of your keratin treated hair. Nevertheless, we ought to throw light at the gaffes that you probably might not take care enough of. 1. Using the Drugstore Shampoos: Your freshly keratin treated hair calls you for utmost care. You …

Rica Waxing

Waxing 101: All that You would want to Know about the Rica Waxing

The post-wax sessions often eventuates with a serious attack of rashes and redness. Rosin, also known as the colophony, is the sap or sticky substance that derives from the pine or spruce trees. Its “stickiness” attributes makes it a popular ingredient been used by several companies producing hair removal waxes. Colophony is also a well-known …